Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A calm moment

I think the busy summer season is over for us, we don't have any concrete plans after this weekend. Sure there is a lot we want to do, but there is nothing that we've committed to doing and it feels great!

This weekend we went to Pennsylvania for my mom's families annual picnic, I didn't get a lot of pictures because we were so busy chatting and going on quad rides that I sort of forgot. The farm where we had the picnic was beautiful, very hilly and a great place to watch the sunset. Even though I was scared to go on the quad it was a lot of fun!

Later in the night, the guys set off around $1,000 worth of fireworks and it was awesome! We camped out that night in the pop-up camper and got up early the next morning to head home and go to breakfast.

Sunday we went to the Pickerington Parade and "carnival" but skipped out on fireworks because we were tired and didn't want to fight traffic (does that make us old?). The parade wasn't as good as I remember in years past but it was still pretty fun. The carnival was good for people watching, teen girls wearing next to nothing and pregnant ones smoking (yeah, I'm not kidding). I was happy to get home, relax and have a good nights sleep.

Monday, Andrew had the day off work and it was our niece's first birthday. It was a nice party and as usual the little one was in her full glory being the center of attention!

This week I plan on getting this house looking spic and span, cleaning out my car and working out somewhere in between getting my homework done for class next week! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - what did everyone else do?

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Amanda said...

It sounds like you've had fun! And house work IS a workout, who are you kidding? :)