Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project Smile

So I've been a very bad blogger - I'm still going to use my excuse that I've been busy with school. But I saw this blog idea on my friend Maya's blog (which is AWESOME) and wanted to write up a post! I know I write a lot about my life and things I've done that were fun, but its been a while since I've written about things that make me smile and with my brain wrecked from Math, I think this list is a GREAT idea! You can link up your own post at Maya's blog that I linked about till October 6th!

Things that make me smile

Thinking about the future: The last five or so months of my life have been consumed with school and my wonderful internship. As happy as I am to be completing my degree I can't stop thinking about what the future holds after I'm done! I can't wait to be doing a job I love, advancing in the workplace, making good money, getting married and paying off my loans! I know I probably sound crazy saying all that but it's true!

Andrew: Sure we might drive one another crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't change any of it for the world! He's been so wonderful about me being in school, sometimes he can surprise me and be sweet out of no where and he can always make me laugh. I love our time just laying around and relaxing together and I cherish it so much!

Cooking & Baking: I haven't been able to cook as much because of my schedule but it's something that always relaxes me! I love the way the house smells when dinner is cooking and trying new recipes is always fun. Baking, well I can't do much of that due to our diet but I did make an apple pie and just this weekend I made a cake totally from scratch for the big birthday party for Andrew's family (they all have birthdays from October 3rd to the 7th).

Fall: This summer was a hot one in Ohio and I was happy to see the weather cool down a little (although I didn't expect to be turning on our furnace this morning). I love watching the leaves change color, hearing the football games at the high school behind our house, making apple pies, carving pumpkins and celebrating a lot of October birthdays. I have my house decorated for Halloween already and I'm throwing a little Halloween/birthday party for my dad at our house this year!

My smile with an attitude tattoo - it from the Bon Jovi CD "Have a Nice Day"

So what makes you smile?


alicia said...

So glad you joined the project smile movement. It was born out of my need to have reason to find the positives heading into fall and then the long winter months when I experience S.A.D. Life can certainly get overwhelming at times and we can lose sight of those things that are most important, so I'm happy to see the things that make you smile and that you are looking forward to. Definitely all smile worthy. Thanks for sharing them with us.

alicia @ a beautiful mess

mypixieblog said...

I think this list is a great idea, too. As much as I love the fall (it's always been my favorite season), I tend to get in a bit of a funk this time of year. Nor sure why. Saying goodbye to the summer? Shorter days? Colder weather?

It's nice to celebrate the things in life that bring us joy, and this post reminds me of that.

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

I am with you on the sweltering Ohio heat... SO glad to see that humidity go!!! :) The comfort and coziness of fall is really nice, and it makes me smile, too.