Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Cards

I've been obsessed with Shutterfly for the last two months. I've been using them to upload photos and print them since I have little time to run to Meijer or Target to print photos. I've also been compiling a book of all of our house projects on there and when the house is done I'll get it printed. I love all of the neat photo gifts they have and plan to take full advantage of that after I get married (ps: I'm not engaged yet but I have my whole wedding planned in my head). I've been to several weddings where they made a photo book and used it as a guest book at the church, which is a really neat idea!

I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can get a good picture of me and Andrew so that we can do a photo card this year, even include the dog maybe. Here are a few of my favorite designs. You can find other designs here

I love the ornaments on this one and I'm a big "Merry Christmas" person so that was my number one stipulation the card had to have!
I love the band of snowflakes on this one and the font on Merry Christmas. The modern look is also really nice.
This one is probably only really cute if you had a baby (which I do not), but I couldn't pass up this adorable card!

They have plenty of other gifts also for your family, including wall calendars and canvas wall art which I'm sure anyone would love. I've never had an issue with their shipping or items not arriving on time and the quality is WONDERFUL!

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