Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a place to lay your head

This little room used to be our office, but once we got the room on the third level complete, we both decided to move our desks down there.  For the last couple months, all that has been in this room is the dresser and my little stand.  While we were at an auction the other weekend we discovered this nice bed and night stand and for $40 I couldn't pass it up! 

In the past, our guests (who are few and far between) have had to either sleep on our couch/loveseat or on an air matress.  Now we have an actual spare bedroom which is nice.  I know its a little hodge podge, but that tends to be my style anyway.

The room that is now our office also has space for an air mattress to be blown up on the floor, so we have even more places for guests to lay their heads.  I'd like to decorate this room a little more with some curtains and a picture for one of the blank walls but that will come.

Next house projects on the agenda: getting our second bathroom done downstairs, putting tile in the "mud room" and landscaping!  I promise to post the progress!


Unknown said...

It's so cool to see your house coming along! Someday I will live somewhere that I can make my own...

The Constant Complainer said...

Getting an actual guest room is nice. We spent years with an office/junk room/guest room. LOL. It was nice to graduate to an official guest room. Enjoy it. And hope you're having a good weekend!