Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day lilies

If anything is doing well in my yard this year, it's my day lilies.  Andrew's mom has a sort of day lily farm and we took a whole bunch and planted them next to our deck (see second to last photo).  Last year they didn't look too hot as we transplanted them late in the year, but this year they are doing great and blooming like crazy right now.  The last picture are the "ditch lilies" you know the ones you see down the side of the road, that were already existing in our yard around the telephone pole.  These are the most low maintenance flowers of all time too, no need to take off the dead heads, they come back every year (and get even bigger) and choke out the weeds! 

More of my favorites haven't bloomed yet, but they should soon.  Eventually I'd like to have these going down the whole north side of our house.