Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So What Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Life after I "Dew" for so what Wednesday.  Not gonna lie, I creep on her blog a little bit and I've seen her So What Wednesday link up on several other blogs I read.

So on this Wednesday I'm saying So What if:

I've been obsessivly checking my wedding registry to see if anyone bought me a gift for the shower.

I've been having mental breakdowns about the wedding for the last two weeks.

I got in a fight with Andrew about camping for our honeymoon (we're going to Kentucky and the Daniel Boone National Forest/Lake Cumberland/Mamoth Cave).

Andrew then told me if we save money camping, we could go out for fancy dinners every night and I wouldn't have to cook.

I then gave into said camping trip, this will be a good bonding experience I suppose.

I left the hose turned on for two hours last night because I forgot I was watering a dying bush in our yard.

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


Unknown said...

welcome to SWW! it's such a fun post to do, I look forward to linking up every week!

Registry stalking is impossible not to do. But the awkward part is when you see stuff taken off, but you never receive it! LOL! it's happened to me for both baby and wedding registries. I'm like who has my stuff??

Unknown said...

This looks awesome! I might do it, but first I MUST clean my kitchen, because I've been saying "so what" to it for almost week and it is retaliating by getting stinky.