Tuesday, July 17, 2012

longing to be the success story

I bought this workout DVD series about two months ago because I was too scared to do p90x (I mean pull ups, no thanks!).  I would like to preface this by saying that I have done lots of workout DVD's in the past - 30 day shred, Carmen Electra and even those 90's kickboxing videos.  I have heard so much about Tony Horton, the trainer in this video, and all the hype was true!

This is probably one of the best workout DVD's that I have ever purchased.  I paid $75 for the above set and it was well worth it since I also cancelled my YMCA membership due to their hours not working with my new work schedule.  

Tonight I did the Fat Burner DVD for the first time and man, they are NOT messing around.  I sweat clear through my shirt and my hair is soaking wet too!  This DVD also featured some of the workout series success stories working out along with the trainer.  Seeing these people who did not look like fitness models really gave me hope that I can get back to a weight where I feel comfortable.

I'm giving myself until next summer (we are planning a beach trip) and although I'm disappointed that I won't be rail thin for my wedding, I'm really happy and I know that will outshine my dress being a few sizes bigger than I would have liked.  I think that if I stick with watching what I eat and alternating my workouts, I can be a success story come summer!

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