Sunday, July 15, 2012

seventy eight

My grandpa turned 78 this weekend and has been battling cancer for almost two years.  We celebrated on Saturday with a cake and peach ice cream from UDF (at his request).  Many friends and family sent him sweet cards and it was nice to spend the afternoon with him.

This past year has been hard on our entire family, the chemo and radiation has taken him from a 210lb man to 157lbs.  They've stopped his treatment again due to more weight loss and plan to restart it again in a few weeks. 

I don't even feel like 78 is that old at all, considering his dad lived to be 96 and was not ill at all till the last two years of his life.  My grandma is quite the woman for taking care of him day in and day out.  She has really shown me what love and devotion means and I know that if Andrew or I were ever that sick, we would care for each other just as well as she is doing for him.

On the marriage note - my wedding shower is next weekend.  I'm so excited to see all of my family and friends and to celebrate our marriage that is just two months away!  Though sometimes its hard to be excited because of everything that is going on, I know that deep down my grandpa just wants us to be happy and wants us to be around as much as possible.

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