Friday, August 10, 2012

My lengthy weekend to-do list

I finally caved the other night and made my to-do list for the next 7 weeks till our wedding.  When it became 1 1/2 pages in size 12 font with no double spaces and a 0.5 inch margin, I wanted to throw up.  I'm really hoping that I can get a lot done this weekend.

Tonight and Saturday night I'm doing the photography for our church festival.  This is another event I've been helping plan all year that I was not expecting to happen so quickly!  Thankfully my whole family volunteers at the festival so its more of a fun little job.

Here are the other things I need to get done this weekend/possibly next weekend:
  • Pick up Andrews wedding band.  Check to make sure my band doesn't need re-sized.
  • Find someone to do my hair and makeup (I've got several places to call).
  • Book our hotel room for the wedding night.
  • Make tissue paper pom-poms to hang around the tent.
  • Make the mailbox for the cards.
  • Set up a time to meet with the girls from my mom's work who have volunteered to serve food, alcohol and keep the day moving along without a hitch!
  • Make sure that my dad books the dance floor.
  • Purchase my undergarments and shoes
  • Make my three batches of cookies for the reception cookie table.
  • Get all of the items needed to make the favor bags.
  • Check on the progress of the bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses (all of them are being made by a family friend and my mom).
  • Adjust the date for the bachelorette party if possible!
Looking at this list again makes me a little nervous, but I am hoping that I can really get my booty in gear this weekend and get a lot done.  Most of the major things are thankfully out of the way, we got our marriage license and we don't need to meet with the priest again unless something comes up in the mean time.

How are all of you other soon to be married ladies getting things accomplished?  What are/were your secrets?

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Rachel said...

Daaang girly! You're going to be busy! Best of luck knocking things off your to-do list!!