Thursday, November 1, 2012

little wedding details

As another wedding post for all of you who are interested I wanted to post some of my wedding details, or at least my favorites for all of you to see - enjoy!

My broach bouquet, which my mom and I made.

Our rings

Another shot of my bouquet

The dress, hello super important.

Hair pins made from vintage earrings and from The Ritzy Rose

Bridesmaids flowers, which my mother-in-law and I grew

Andrews custom boutonniere also from The Ritzy Rose
Yes, you did see that bountonneire right, its a shot gun shell.  No, we did not have a shot gun wedding, but Andrew does love to target shoot so that's what I chose.  I had seen the Ritzy Rose work in a magazine from my hometown, where they are headquartered and knew I needed something from them for my wedding. I mean, they made Miranda Lamberts broach bouquet so they are AMAZING!

Yes, I really did grow those flowers and though it was a biotch to do, I was proud of my work.

Our rings are simple and sweet, just what I like.  I'm not a big flashy person and Andrew can't wear his ring at work, I don't want that to be the reason he hurts his hand or rips his finger off.  Mechanic work can be dangerous.

My dress, I loved it and it was such a good deal.  I need to get it cleaned stat because it go super dirty.

PS: I obsessively look at my wedding photos about twice a week and since Shutterfly has this awesome 101 free prints deal going, I'm going to order photos for our Christmas Cards tonight.  Can't pass up a good deal!

Enjoy the pics - maybe I'll come up with one more wedding photo post!


Nikki said...

Your bouquet is amazing! I also received the Shutterfly free prints email and will be printing wedding photos. Can't pass up free pics!

Unknown said...

You did SUCH a good job growing those flowers! I love all the little things you did! So awesome!