Monday, July 8, 2013

A long weekend

I had an unexpected 4 day weekend over the 4th of July holiday and it was just what I needed.

We started off on Wednesday night by attending the Buckeye Lake Fireworks and as soon as the fireworks started, so did the rain.  It has rained almost everyday in Central Ohio for the last two weeks, we ran to the car only for it to stop raining when we got there, but thankfully we could still see the fireworks.  Thanks to the traffic, we didn't get home till 11:30 and I was pooped!

Thursday we didn't have any plans for the holiday but we wanted to go pick up Bessie who was still staying with Andrew's parents after her sickness.  She was doing WORLDS better and we could not wait to bring her home!  It rained off and on the entire day and after spending some time with Andrew's family, we decided to head home and relax.  I wasn't much in the mood for being in a crowd again or running from the rain.

Friday I went to lunch with my mom, grandma and some friends from church and we had a nice time.  Afterwards my mom and I went on the hunt for maternity clothes only to find nothing so we went to Joann's to look for patterns.  I guess not many people make maternity clothes anymore because the selection was dismal and we only found 2 patterns that didn't look like some awful uniform.  We got some fabric as well so I may have one outfit before too long!  I ordered more patterns from Etsy over the weekend as well, a few are vintage and should be really adorable!  We went out to dinner with my brother that night and headed home fairly early since I've still been really tired.

Saturday and Sunday we spent getting things done around the house.  I cleaned and Andrew worked on cleaning the garage out since we said goodbye to one of his project cars this weekend.  The Volvo 240 headed to the junk yard so now we have a little more room in the garage.  Andrew also managed to sell more parts from his engine swap and a little extra money is always nice, even if we are saving it all for other house projects.  I was feeling pretty good by the end of the weekend and managed to start cleaning/organizing the kitchen and living room and I hope to get the upstairs started this week.  

And on the agenda for this week:
  • A doctor appointment on Wednesday
  • A short work trip for Andrew
  • Wrapping up the last week of the first trimester
  • Going to either the Good Guys Car Show or Wing Zing this weekend with my dad!

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