Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 13 Bumpdate!

Woohoo for week 13 and starting to feel like myself again!  I am so happy to be feeling better, to be eating the foods that I love again but let me tell you I'm really starting to look pregnant.  The proof is in more bump photos below (and I think these are better than the ones from last week).  I have my Ultrascreen this week which will test the baby for Down's Syndrome and I'm excited to get to see the baby one more time before my next ultrasound at 20 weeks!
  • How far along? 13 weeks and 1 day
  • How big is baby? According to my What to Expect App, the baby is as big as a lemon and about 3 inches long.  I'm anxious to see it at the ultrasound tomorrow!
  • Weight gain? I would say around 2-4 pounds at this point.  
  • Maternity Clothes: Still about half and half.  I have been using the belly band and wearing a larger size in tops.  My button downs are totally useless as I cannot button them over my chest.
  • Sleep: I slept well all weekend but it was a struggle to get out of bed.  My round ligament pain is worse at night so it's really hard to get comfortable.  Once I am comfortable though I'm out like a light and floating off into crazy dream land.
  • Cravings: Cheese, this has by far been my most consistent craving and I mean most anything with cheese, sparkling water (my other long time craving), ice cream, Mexican food and guacamole. 
  • Food Aversions: I am still grossed out by anything that is in the shape of a hot dog.  I also don't want to have anything to do with lunch meat or wraps (though a taco would be okay, a cold lunch wrap seems sickening)
  • What do I miss: Being able to button my dress pants, sleeping without a sleep bra and a glass of wine on Friday night.
  • Symptoms: Mood swings have been the major symptom recently as well as trouble concentrating, getting full quickly and peeing a lot.
  • Anything else? I have been feeling a lot better since rolling into the 12th week, my food aversions are not as bad and the foods I don't want are ones I shouldn't be eating anyways.  I've still been pretty crabby and moody, it's really easy to set me off and so many people get on my nerves these days.  I really have to try hard to control myself when I feel the need to freak out.  
I was going to take another belly photo this morning but the lighting was terrible, I'll post more with my 14 week bumpdate along with our ultrasound pictures from tomorrow (I'm hoping we get some even if it is for the ultrascreen).  

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