Monday, August 5, 2013

A busy summer

I swear that we have had the busiest summer this year and though we have had a lot of fun, I'm ready for the weekend of August 17th when we have no plans.  So far we have:
  • Gone camping
  • Went to the Ohio State Fair
  • Helped with my church festival
  • Went to the Violet Festival in my hometown
  • Had family come from out of town
  • Gone to a few auctions and a lot of garage sales
  • Spent time on weekends with our family
  • Attended a party for Andrew's work winning for region of the year and went to the Jazz and Rib fest the next day
  • Taken walks at the park on weeknights
  • Gone out for ice cream more times than I care to think about
I'm also going to dinner with my college friends this week and have to work late on Wednesday night.  I'm going to be pooped!  My house and laundry are also in bad shape because I seem to never be home.  Tonight we decided that after dinner we will be doing "chores" and not going for a walk or doing something outside of the house.  I can't take the mess anymore!

This weekend was by far the busiest since I volunteered at my church festival all weekend.  I've been assisting with the publicity for the last two years, which means I run the Facebook page and take photos at the festival on Friday and Saturday night.  It's a lot of fun, but I was so worn out by Sunday and we had a birthday party to go to for Andrew's aunt that afternoon.  Friday I was there from 6pm till midnight and Saturday from 6:30-10:45pm. Sunday we were gone most of the day running errands and then going to a birthday party and by the time we got home it was 7pm and I wanted to go to bed. 

This coming weekend we are getting Andrew's sisters dog so we can watch her while they are on vacation, going to one of our favorite county fairs/a dinner at my parents house on Saturday night and Sunday is Andrew's family reunion.  We still have a few more things we'd like to do this summer, like taking out the boat or maybe going camping but I wouldn't be heartbroken if those things didn't happen.

Have you had a busy summer too or is summer just busy for everyone?

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