Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 16 Bumpdate

Woohoo for being 4 months along and feeling so good!  My hair and nails are growing like crazy, apparently I have the pregnancy glow and my belly is getting bigger by the day it seems.  I think this is the best I have felt by far this entire time, other than my new fun lower back aches and achy legs.  I cannot stop eating either and I've never been so hungry before in my life!  I really need to be better about eating 6 small meals a day rather than having three big meals and then snacking most of the night.  Every week I know my body is changing and I have to keep adjusting my lifestyle.  

  • How far along? 16 weeks and 3 days
  • How big is baby? According to my What to Expect App, the baby is as big as a Turnip and about 5 inches long weighing in at 5 oz!
  • Weight gain? Apparently not enough!  The midwife told me to add some more calories and that I need to gain some more weight.
  • Stretch Marks? No more than I had before
  • Maternity Clothes: Bring them on and the belly band!  I've been wearing a lot of maternity dresses and skirts too which are just oh so comfy!!!!
  • Sleep: I have been sleeping a lot better this past week and bought some new sheets which I LOVE!  I also got maternity PJ's which have a built in bra that can also be used for nursing and they are great.  Plenty of growing room for every part of my body too!
  • Cravings: Steak, mashed potatoes with ranch dressing, Mexican food, sharp cheddar cheese, fruit snacks and ice cream. 
  • Food Aversions: Eggs, which is making me nuts because I make them and then I can't eat them for some reason.  I'm also not in the mood to eat chicken again.
  • What do I miss: My somewhat smaller chest and being able to stay comfortable for a considerable amount of time. 
  • Symptoms: Mega mood swings or just generally being in a bad mood, back aches, boob pain and swelling and sore legs after sitting in my desk all day.
  • Anything else? My mom is making me insane!  I was with her most of the weekend at our church festival and she would not shut up about me being pregnant which then led all of the ladies she works with to keep touching my belly and asking me one million questions.  I think my weekend long bad mood just made it even more annoying. 
    • Here is a list I'm compiling as well of questions I'm sick of being asked: 
    • Are you have a gender reveal party?  No I think its ridiculous!
    • When are you due? January 20th, or I just say after the first of the year
    • How fast did you get pregnant after your wedding? Is that really any of anyone's business?!
    • You're going to a midwife, does that mean you're having a homebirth? Again, no and that's none of your business either!
    • Why are you wearing maternity clothes already?  My mom likes to ask me this EVERY DAY, gee because maybe I want to be comfortable?!?!  Is that so awful?
Sorry for the lack of photo this week, I've been so busy that I'm lucky I even got this post up!

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