Friday, August 2, 2013

Country sunrises

I leave for work around 6:15am each morning which in the summer means I usually get to see part of the sunrise as I walk out the door.  There is an open field across the street from our house that makes for an amazing view of the summer sun.  I've amassed quite a collection of sunrise photos this summer, all of which are different and that I love for different reasons. 

From today, there was a beautiful fog over the field.

On Monday

I think this was about a month ago

In the spring, I can tell because the beans aren't up yet.
I'm so glad to have a phone that takes really amazing pictures so that I don't have to run into the house and grab my dSLR to take pictures when I see this amazing beauty in the morning.  There is something magical to me about the start of a new day and I love to capture it to see again later.

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