Monday, August 19, 2013


The weather in Ohio for the last few weeks has really felt like fall and it's getting me pretty excited for all of the amazing fall things that I love!!!!
  1. Football - I mean really I'm a hardcore OSU and Pittsburgh Steelers fan so this is my favorite time of year.  And being pregnant means I can eat more buffalo chicken dip, my dad's amazing chicken wings, plenty of carrots with dill dip and velveta dip!  YUM!!!!
  2. Halloween movies - If you don't love 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC family or the constant running of Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus then we cannot be friends.
  3.  Apple and Pumpkin EVERYTHING - Apple pies, apple cobblers, pumpkin spice latte's, fall scented candles - oh I'm so ready for your return!  I also love apple and pumpkin picking!  We didn't pick pumpkins the last few years but I am determined to restart that tradition.
  4. Halloween/Fall Decorations - I love decorating our house for the holidays and can't wait to pull my black and orange bins out of the basement here soon.
  5. Hoodies and Jeans - Who doesn't love wearing comfy clothes and taking a nice walk outside!?  
  6. Bonfires - I'm glad my brother lives 10 minutes away and has a nice fire pit!
  7. My wedding anniversary/husbands birthday - They are only two weeks apart and I cannot believe that we will be married for one year in just a month!  We got married on the Autumnal Equinox if that say's anything about my love for fall.
  8. The first frost - I love seeing the flowers and plants die but there is something magical about the first time there is frost on the ground in the morning, it's pretty. 
  9. Dressing my dog up for Halloween - I will probably still do this after the baby is born.  She's been a witch and a jail dog.  So cute!

  10. The changing colors - Spring and summer have their own beauty but there is just something so amazing about the colors of fall.

    What is your favorite season?  What are your favorite things about fall?


Megan said...

I can't wait for all of these things too! I love Fall! It is my favorite time of year. Everything you listed is something I am looking forward too!

Carol said...

Love this post! Fall is my favorite season too. I can't wait for football! I am a huge Gamecocks fan! I also love Halloween and Hocus Pocus is by far my fav. I LOVE pumpkin anything. We got married in the fall too, October 2nd. We used pumpkins as our centerpieces and our colors were truffle brown and tangerine orange! :)