Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 18 bumpdate

I can't say there is anything different so far from week 16 to week 17 or from week 17 to week 18.  I am also sorry again that I don't have a photo to post, something is wrong with the memory card in my camera and I've been slacking on asking the hubby to take some pics with my phone.  I promise to put up photos next week!  I "feel" more pregnant now and I have been peeing in the middle of the night sometimes twice instead of once, my appetite is increasing by the day and I for sure look pregnant now.
  • How far along? 18 weeks and 2 days
  • How big is baby? According to my What to Expect App, the baby is as big as a mango, about 6 inches long and half a pound.
  • Weight gain? I still need to gain more weight and have been trying to snack in between meals.  I stocked up on different snacks for work last week so I don't have to choose from the very limited selection in the gift shop at work.
  • Stretch Marks? No more than I had before.  I have been slathering on the cocoa butter however because I don't want to scratch and create more stretch marks.  
  • Maternity Clothes: I am wearing them pretty much every day.  I can still get into a few pairs of pre-pregnancy pants but they make me look like I have an exploding muffin top and I can still wear a good deal of my tshirts as well.  I think I am pretty well stocked up on maternity clothes at the moment but I'm waiting for more fall and winter items to be available.  I need some comfy sweaters!
  • Sleep: Well, it's been a little rough this last week.  I now get really hot at night (normally I am freezing) and cannot get comfortable. I know your supposed to sleep on your left side but most nights I end up on my right.
  • Cravings: Blueberry pancakes (which I made for dinner last night), cheese, apple slices with peanut butter, fruit snacks, Chipotle/Mexican food
  • Food Aversions: I FINALLY ate eggs last night!  And I didn't want to puke!  I would say that is progress
  • What do I miss: Sleeping through the night
  • Movement: I think I have felt a little of the gas bubble/flutter feeling but it's only at night and I'm not 100% sure.
  • Doctor Appointments: I don't have another one until September 4th and that is the anatomy scan!!!  So excited to confirm my feelings that the little one is a boy!
  • Symptoms: Mega mood swings or just generally being in a bad mood, back aches when I get home from work and awful heartburn.
  • Anything else? My mood is still very erratic and I'm very easily annoyed these days especially at night.  I keep going to be earlier and earlier because I cannot get comfortable on the couch and would much rather be in bed.  

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KellyAnne Scott said...

I am excited to find out what you're having!! September 4th will be here before you know it!