Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jeanette - 7 months old

Jeanette was 7 months old on Saturday, but we had another busy weekend and I didn't get around to taking her photos till Sunday and posting her update until today!

Height: Almost 30 inches!  Girlfriend might be a tall girl!

Weight: 15lbs, 10oz which means she's only in the 50th percentile for weight.  She's tall and skinny, isn't that every girls dream?!?

Clothes/Diapers: She is still mostly in 6 month clothes, but has lots of 3 month shorts that still fit her.  I don't know if shorts run big but only one pair of 6 month shorts fit her.  She's still in a size 2 diaper and I imagine she will be for awhile.  The only big clothing thing is that she wears 12 month footie pj's because she's so long!  I bought some 18 month pj's over the weekend and Andrew could not believe how long they were.  I know it might be awhile before she's in that size but I figured if they were on sale I was going to buy them!

Sleep: Jeanette now goes to be around 8:30 and wakes up at 7.  Some days she takes a good morning and afternoon nap and other days, just an afternoon nap.  There have been times when she just doesn't take a long nap and those days are hard.  I try really hard to keep her on a schedule and she usually does well during the week but the weekends are hard.  I think we are still trying to adjust to adjusting to her schedule as well.

Feedings:  Jeanette takes a 6oz bottle about every 4 hours.  Right now she takes 3-4 bottles a day.  She has oatmeal in the afternoon which we are now making with three ounces of formula because she loves to eat!  She also gets a veggie/fruit mixed with her rice cereal around 7pm.  So far we have tried squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, green beans and apples.  She loves the orange veggies but I try not to feed her too many of those in a row because I know it can make them turn orange (which I did when I was a baby).

Worst Moment(s):  Jeanette got sick for the first time ever this month, fever, projectile vomiting and lots of crying/not sleeping.  It was so hard to see her that sick, but I did everything I could to try to make her feel better.  Thankfully after a few days, she was over it and back to her old self.  I did take her to the doctor because her fever got to 102 and I was scared that she would get dehydrated.  He said that she was just fine and of course she acted like she wasn't even sick when we went.  First time mom moment :)

At the doctors office.

Best Moment(s): Jeanette started babbling this month and the first one she really started doing was mamama which of course made me really happy.  She also is now saying bababa and mamama.  Its so sweet to watch her chit chat and she really watches your mouth when you talk to her now and tries to imitate the sounds.  Her 6 month photos were also another favorite (I will share them once we get them).  She was so well behaved and so adorable!  She's also up on all fours and rocking now, which is CRAZY!  I don't know how much longer it will be before she figures out how to crawl.

A little photo collage of some of her new talents.

Development:  Jeanette is babbling, trying really hard to sit up on her own, up on all fours, trying to hold her own bottle, passing toys from one hand to the other, chewing on everything, carefully observing her surroundings and really developing a cute little personality.  She's so sweet and so much fun!!!!!

Jeanette Likes: Bath time used to be something that Jeanette hated, but now she LOVES it!  She loves when I put her in the tub and she splashes her feet in the water, sometimes getting my head a little wet.  I bought her some little bath play cups, but of course all she does is suck and chew on them.  She also loves her Sophie Giraffe and her Oball.  The dog and the cat are also good for entertainment.  

Jeanette Dislikes: Trying to learn how to crawl must be quite frustrating.  I snapped this look of sadness last weekend.  She was so frustrated that she couldn't get moving and a few seconds later, collapsed and cried.  Poor little thing!  She also does not like having to wait for the next bite of food, she tries to wait patiently but it never works! 

It is so amazing to see how much Jeanette has changed over the last seven months!  I don't really think of her as being this tiny, fragile baby anymore.  She has the sweetest little personality and she makes everyone she meets smile!  She's starting to get more hair too as you can see in the photos below.  It's blonde, but not super light and sometimes in the sun it looks a little bit red.  I wanted a red headed baby so bad, so maybe she will be a strawberry blonde :) 


Lindsay said...

Omg! She is getting so big and she is so adorable! Sorry to hear that she got sick for the first time this month! That must have been horrible!! xo

Carol said...

The first time your baby gets sick is always awful. Glad she is better! She is so adorable!