Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The weekend & Jeanette's 6 month photos

Having a long weekend was so wonderful since we have been so busy lately!  Our weekend started on Thursday night, we celebrated my grandma's birthday at my mom and dad's house and my mom offered to keep Jeanette overnight.  She was going to have her on Friday anyway so it made sense.  Going home without her was so strange, but I knew she was in good hands.  I worked from home on Friday and worked on laundry and cleaning as well.  I wonder if I will ever get caught back up again.

Andrew had almost gotten the engine back in our SUV on Thursday when he was home and wrapped it up on Friday night.  I went out to help after Jeanette went to bed and by about 9pm she was up and running again!

Saturday morning I dropped Jeanette off with my mom, picked up my brother and headed back home to go to our favorite Labor Day Weekend tradition, Swapper Days.  Its like a giant, hillbilly flea market and we love to go look around and people watch.  It was super hot that day so we thought it best not to take Jeanette with us.  We didn't buy much but enjoyed walking around.

Sunday Andrew had to work, so I spent the day baby proofing the house, Jeanette is almost crawling now and can pull herself across the room as you can see in the video below.  Once Andrew got home, we ran our errands and went out for some wings that night.

Monday we visited with Andrews family for the afternoon after I went shopping at Goodwill with my mom in the morning.  It was half off day for the holiday and I was able to find some clothes for work.  I have really fallen off the weight loss wagon....I hope to post about that sometime in the next week or so.  We had a nice time seeing Andrew's parents since they were on vacation we had not seen them for two weeks.  They could not believe how much Jeanette had grown and that she was almost crawling.

I also got to see more of Jeanette's 6 month photos and wanted to share them.  Our photographer should have the disk to me in the next couple of weeks so I can get prints and post the rest!

I love this picture so much!!!!!

This is probably my second favorite photo.

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