Tuesday, May 15, 2012

where has time gone

I'm having a hard time believing that it's the middle of May already.  My birthday is in just 15 days and I'm going to be 27 years old.  I don't really like the way that sounds though I know I'm not THAT old.

We're in the midst of planning our annual Memorial Day party, preparing the outside of the house for guests and trying to keep it simple and fun.

I feel as though I've done nothing in the way of wedding planning recently.  We did set dates for the shower and bachelorette party so slowly things are coming together.  My mom is getting my dress out of layaway next month and I can hardly wait to start working on the bustle, beading her veil to match and finding the perfect accessories.  I've had a skype session with my DJ and wedding musician, gotten back in touch with the photographer and finally figured out the casual food for the event.  We have found a potential rehearsal dinner location but they close early and it may not work out.

I've felt a little less under pressure since leaving my volunteer work, but I do miss all the people.  Hopefully in a few years life will calm down and I can start doing volunteer work again.

I'm also starting a new fitness routine next week, though I don't plan on posting much about it.  I have found that every time I hype up my working out, I never seem to stick to it for some reason, but I am going to do some before and after posts (dear Lord I must be crazy) so be on the lookout for those in the next 90 days!  I'm doing something similar to P90X, its called Power90 and is from the same trainer and is also $100 cheaper!  Hopefully this goes well and I can slim down a little more before the wedding.  I'm not planning on something drastic.

I don't have any good photos to post at the moment, but hopefully soon!  Hope that everyone has a wonderful week!