Friday, April 27, 2012

More changes

As if things in my life haven't been changing enough I just added another thing to the list. Last night I decided to step down from the duties related to my volunteer work (which I've been doing for two years).  There has just been so much going on lately: my grandpa's failing health, trying to finish up my wedding planning, a health scare in Andrews family that thankfully has turned out for the best, my dad loosing his job again and starting a new job.  I have not been able to pour my whole heart into the work I do for the organization and that is just not fair to them.

Everyone was very understanding and let me tell you, it was so hard to leave all of those things and people.  Advocating for these amazing women battling Ovarian Cancer has been such a big part of my life, I know the cause will always be close to my heart.

I will forever be a different person because of the two years I spent with that organization and I'm thankful to call most of the members my friends!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


For those who are wondering what the title of my post means, pre-cana is a pre-marriage class that the Catholic Church requires couples to take before getting married.  Other married couples from the church, old and young, with or without children and all with different life experiences teach the class twice a year in one of their homes.

This was our weekend to attend.  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't very excited about spending all this time talking about things I figured Andrew and I had already discussed. I was also worried about being chastised because we live together and the Catholic Church shuns co-habitation. 

Topics of Conversation:

Family of Origin
Goals and Values
Intimacy and Natural Family Planning

I was pleasantly surprised that the experience really wasn't all that bad and that we had some time to talk without everyday distractions.  I felt wonderful knowing that we have already had many important discussions about money, children, our future goals and how our families have shaped us.  It also makes me feel great that we get along with eachother's parents and it seemed that the three other couples in our class did as well.  

I will say that the talk on Intimacy and Natural Family Planning was a little uncomfortable and strange.  The couple who taught that portion was awkward to say the least and showed the corniest video of all these smiling couples, going on and on about how with-holding from "relations" helped their relationship.  I'm still very undecided on that portion of the day along with the general idea of having kids.  I'm sure with time I will come to a decision with the help of Andrew.

Though it was a long day, I feel thankful that our church makes this an important part of preparing for marriage.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a place to lay your head

This little room used to be our office, but once we got the room on the third level complete, we both decided to move our desks down there.  For the last couple months, all that has been in this room is the dresser and my little stand.  While we were at an auction the other weekend we discovered this nice bed and night stand and for $40 I couldn't pass it up! 

In the past, our guests (who are few and far between) have had to either sleep on our couch/loveseat or on an air matress.  Now we have an actual spare bedroom which is nice.  I know its a little hodge podge, but that tends to be my style anyway.

The room that is now our office also has space for an air mattress to be blown up on the floor, so we have even more places for guests to lay their heads.  I'd like to decorate this room a little more with some curtains and a picture for one of the blank walls but that will come.

Next house projects on the agenda: getting our second bathroom done downstairs, putting tile in the "mud room" and landscaping!  I promise to post the progress!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

family time

Saturday Andrew and I spent nearly the entire day with my family.  We went to an auction in nearby Millersport, a small town near Buckeye Lake and my mom and dad joined us.  We enjoyed breakfast at their house before heading out and had a great afternoon sharing laughs and spending a little money on neat antiques.  I scored some lovely vintage table cloths, salmon pyre baking dishes, cobalt vases and Christmas decor.  I could go to an auction or estate sale every single weekend, its really become something I love.   

We stopped at a nearby bar/restaurant for drinks and food afterwards and it was a really nice day.  On the way home we stopped to see my grandparents.  The doctor put my grandpa on oxygen last week and his feet are still a little swollen from the radiation treatments.  Its so hard to watch him not be the strong man he once was but I try to enjoy each moment spent with them.

The older I get the more I cherish time with family.  Through my rough teenage and early twenties, my parents and I did not get a long well and I avoided spending time with them.  Now I really regret those decisions and I'm trying to make up for lost time in a sense.

Sunday was spent doing my typical cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and meal preparation.  Freezer meals have been the new norm for us now that I have a bit longer of a commute in the evenings and its so much easier to thaw a meal in the fridge all day and toss it in the oven.  I've had to get a little more creative with the warm weather and the crock pot meals not being so summer friendly.

Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful weekend!  Next weekend we have our pre-cana class for the wedding, I'm sure that will make a great blog post!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

I didn't take a single picture at our Easter family gathering yesterday.  I was much too consumed with chatting with family, eating lots of yummy food and playing card games with my younger cousins.  I was also sad watching my grandpa taking it all in, knowing that he wasn't feeling great with his hair falling out for the fourth time, skin peeling from the radiation and swollen ankles.  He couldn't even get his own plate from the food line since its so hard for him to walk.  I had to eat in the other room to keep from crying.

I kept wondering how my dad was feeling as well; this is his last week at work.  For the second time in five years, his position has been eliminated.  The last time this happened, he was working for the same company for nearly 30 years.  This time, it's only been one year.  Andrew was able to help him get an interview where he works and I'm praying so hard that it will work out and he will get the job.

I want to be happy about so many wonderful things right now but it's so hard.  Today marks one year since Andrew and I got engaged and we're just five months away from the wedding.  I'm really enjoying my new job and love all the people I work with each day.  My brother is buying a house soon so I'm excited for him as well....but all the while there is so much tragedy in my mind.  I find myself spending much of my alone time thinking about how hard these last five years have been but how they have also been so exciting.

On a lighter note, there was some fun to be had this weekend.  Saturday Andrew and I spent the day at an estate sale (one of our favorite nice weather activities) and scored a bed/nightstand for our spare bedroom, metal shelves to further organize the basement, yard tools, a 30 cup coffee percolator/warmer for the wedding and some tools for Andrew to use at work.  I did however get my first sunburn of the season and my forehead is killing me. 

I'm hoping that I can spend this week reflecting on the positive side of life and getting back into my routine!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

scary facts about myself - thanks astrology!

I've been at my new job now for just 8 days and I've already found out tons about my co-workers.  The owner of the company is very into holistic stuff, astrology, open to people of all walks of life and religions and likes to have a diverse workforce.
The first week I was working there, we had a retreat where my boss offered to do our astrological charts if we could tell her our place and time of birth.  Oddly enough I know those facts off the top of my head and passed them along.

Boy was that chart SCARY and dead on about my life....if you know me at all you'll know how true some of the following facts are about me:
  1. I am afraid to not be in a relationship and value the thought of marriage and a partner who gives me my alone time.  I don't take time for myself in between relationships and very early into a new one, fall madly in love (if you know me at all, this rings so true) and feel incomplete when the relationship ends.  It also takes me a long time to get over a past relationship.
  2. I am very expressive, talk with my hands and can converse with people of all walks of life.
  3. I am possessive of my friends and loved ones.
  4. I need puzzles or word searches to occupy my mind and hands (it is so hard for me to sit still in the evening, which is why I started Sudoku and loom knitting).
  5. Because I am a sun Gemini, I have a strong sense of creativity.
  6. I am not prepared for conflict and avoid "rocking the boat."
  7. I hate pretenses.
  8. I replace love with food and shopping.
  9. I attract intense relationships with a love/hate theme.
  10. I take great pleasure in the home life and my hobbies will include baking, sewing, cooking and collecting.
I've never really been one to believe all of this astrology stuff, but this was just far too interesting to not talk about.  I also read up on the meaning of "Amanda" and apprently deep down I have a strong need to be a mother and most people grow to love me or instantly love me from the moment we meet.

Has anyone else had a birth chart done or had someone discover things about you that no one else would know?