Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A very late resolution post

I wasn't sure if I would be posting my resolutions here, but I thought maybe it was time to hold myself accountable:

ONE: Healthy living, weight loss and having an exercise routine.  I've made myself a 10 week hybrid workout where I combined Power 90 and PiYo. I'm at the end of week one and taking Friday and Saturday as my rest days.  I have been awful about workout out and terrible about watching what I eat.  I know I need to loose this baby weight and I need to get focused.  Once I get to the end of the 10 weeks I will see where I am at with my weight loss and figure out what I am going to do next.

TWO: Getting my house in order needs to be a priority this year.  We will likely be moving in the next year or two and I have to start getting rid of junk, organizing and cleaning out every room of the house.  It's not fun, but it's necessary.  So far I've cleaned out our coat closet, office and gotten rid of some things in the basement that I've been meaning to take to Goodwill.  Next up, going through a years worth of Jeanette's clothes and then onto our bedroom.  The basement is what I am dreading the most, I really need to go through my holiday decor and the couple of piles of clothes next to the washer and dryer.....

THREE: Kill people with kindness!  I'm not a mean person, but I know I can be a b*tch sometimes.  Recent events have gone on with family and friends that have left me with hurt feelings and wishing that I wasn't a wet blanket.  There is nothing I hate more than being belittled or being made fun of for who I am, but instead of snapping back at these people, I'm going to kill them with kindness.  I no longer want to allow people to get to me and make me feel like I'm 5 inches tall.  I want them to see that I'm stronger than them and that all of their words will just roll off my back.  I know this one might sound "easier said than done" but I am determined!

FOUR: Be present.  I am so guilty of checking my phone too much or not paying enough attention to what is going on around me.  I need to try and be more present this year, if not for me, then for Jeanette and Andrew.  I'm blown away by the fact that my baby is one now, and I want to remember each moment that I can over the next year.  When I get home from work, I need to be present and be a mom, when Andrew gets home, I need to be present and be his wife.

FIVE: Strengthen relationships with family and friends.  Being a new mom has been an adjustment and I really need to get back to the relationships I once had with my family and friends.  I need to make time for people and honor my commitments.  This might be another thing that is easier said than done, but I'm willing to try and make it work.

What are you resolutions for 2015?

Friday, January 23, 2015

My baby is ONE

One year ago, on January 22nd, I woke up to find that just two days after my due date I was in labor.  I had no idea what was going on, I was terrified and though we mostly had things ready for the hospital, we rushed around, found care for our pets and headed to OSU.

I never could have dreamed that the labor and delivery would be so crazy, that I would end up having a c-section at 4am on January 23rd, but all that mattered was that sweet baby girl was here and she was healthy.  We had three names picked out that we liked but decided to wait till we saw her to choose a name, and we chose Jeanette, after Andrew's very dear great aunt.  I had loved the name since we first heard it (also in the running were Eleanor and Amelia).  She was much bigger than I expected at 8lbs, 6oz and 21.5 inches long.

After four days in the hospital (it was more like 5 with the whole day of labor before she was born), we finally got to bring our baby girl home.  That's when life as parents really started.  We had alarms set to wake up and feed the baby, spent many nights rocking her and listening to her cry only to find out my nursing wasn't enough for her and I needed to supplement.  We had many visitors, people brought over meals and gifts and I spent my maternity leave trying to soak up every moment with my sweet girl.

The whole year has been a whirlwind and I've tried so hard to soak up each moment.  All of the milestones were so neat to watch, when she learned to roll over and then quickly figured out she could roll across a room, sitting up, standing, crawling and now she's nearly walking.  I remember thinking it wouldn't go by so fast, but it has and here I am on January 23rd with a ONE YEAR OLD!

To say that this little lady has stolen our hearts is an understatement.  She is so funny, sweet and cute.  Watching her personality develop has been amazing.  I love the sound of her laugh, the look she gets when she's frustrated, how her bottom lip sticks out when she cries, the sweet sounds she makes in the morning when she wakes up, her smile and the joy in her eyes when she sees my face.

Being a mom has changed me in ways I never imagined.  There is nothing more that I love now than a night at home, playing with Jeanette, giving her a bath and reading books and snuggling before bath time.

I've also come to terms with being a working mom and I find that I still enjoy both aspects of my life.  I love having my career and I love being a mom.  I think Andrew has also found that being a dad is amazing and Jeanette already has him wrapped around her little finger.  She gets a hug and kiss before me when he comes home now, but seeing the joy in her eyes when he walks through the door melts my heart enough that I don't even care!

We've been super lucky as first time parents to have a baby that sleeps through the night and has since she was about 4 months old.  She is sweet and friendly and doesn't really know a stranger, she's always smiling sweetly at people in the store and loves being the center of attention.

To my sweet girl - we love you so much baby Nette and you've brought joy, happiness and so many blessings into our life.  I can't wait to see how you grow and change over the next year!

Her one year appointment isn't until February 5th so I will post her stats then.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jeanette months 10 & 11

So I've missed a few months of updates on Jeanette so I will do my best to update everyone on her progress!

Jeanette at 10 months old
Jeanette is comfortably wearing 12 month clothes now and size 3 diapers.  She LOVES to eat and I swear she would eat till she exploded.  Right now she's down to three small bottles a day, one when she wakes up, one before her afternoon nap and another before bed.  If she gets a late dinner, I sometimes skip the bedtime bottle and she doesn't seem to mind.  She's great at drinking from a cup with a straw and she seems to prefer those over other sippy cups.  Her favorite foods are cheese, peaches, grilled cheese, carrots, bananas and yogurt.   She loves to snack on puffs and cheerios and enjoys water from her sippy cup.

Jeanette at 11 months old
Jeanette was 11 months old just a few days before Christmas and my mom found this ADORABLE dress for her at Macy's last year on clearance.  She looked so cute on Christmas Eve, unfortunately my parents lost power Christmas Eve due to a wind storm, and I didn't take a single picture......I'm really regretting that now.  I did take photos on Christmas day, however I have not even uploaded them onto my computer.  I've really been slacking!

Jeanette is very close to walking and can cruise and walk behind her shopping cart.  She is still a little leery of letting go and just walking but I've been trying super hard to work with her.  I know she is getting closer by the day.  She can crawl so fast that it's unreal!

Currently, Jeanette weighs about 19 lbs and I would say she's close to 32 inches long.  I will find out at her one year appointment which is on February 5th, a few weeks after her birthday.

She's been meeting all of her developmental milestones.  She is saying a few more words now, mama, dada, uh oh (which is so cute), hi and kitty.  I'm trying to get her to say all done and love you as well as doggy.  She loves books and puzzles and could look at her books for hours.  I leave some of her board books out in her toy baskets and she's torn a few of them up, though they were hand-me-downs so I'm not too upset.  

She also loves to beg from you for food if you're eating something.  She will throw a fit if you don't let her have a taste, and much like the dog when she begs, I always give in (unless of course it's something with nuts, in that case I try to stay out of sight!).  Her favorite is when I make myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast on the weekends.  

These are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few months.  The top middle photo was taken when little miss was sick, she was a mess that day.  I love the one on the bottom right of her watching Bessie as well, they are just so sweet together.  

Thinking about this sweet girl turning one is unreal to me!  I hope to stay on track with my blogging now!  Thanks for sticking around readers :) 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well, hello there

Oh hey, it's me.....that girl who never blogs anymore.  For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (AmandaP0922), yes I am still alive and things are relatively well in my life.  I have however been incredibly busy and focused on my job and family, thus the lack of updates on here.

I plan to update all of you on Jeanette who is growing like a weed and will be ONE on January 23rd.  I really can't believe I just typed that.  So a short update on Jeanette:

  • She's almost walking and weighing in around 19lbs.  She eats like a horse and loves to feed herself.  She's weening some from her bottles, but still loves one around nap time and when she wakes up.  
  • She's saying, uh-oh, hi, mama and dada now
  • We did find a new sitter and she's wonderful, Jeanette is the only child in her care (besides her own kids who are in school during the day) and they have so much fun together
As for the rest of my life, well things have been busy to say the least.  Andrew is looking for a new job, we had our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as a family of three, we are likely going to be moving with in a year or two and we are in the midst of more home projects.

Here are a few photos just so you can see what has been going on around these parts.  Thanks to anyone who reads this and still follows me, I will be better in 2015!

Andrew got his first deer this year during bow season, a nice sized 8pt buck.
I'm glad we paid to have the deer processed, the meat is good
leaner than beef and a lot cheaper in the long run! 

Jeanette on Christmas morning! 

11 months old in her Christmas Dress in front of my mom's
aluminum tree! 
Mom life!
Baby girl got pretty sick for the first time :(
I was pretty spoiled this Christmas by the hubby.
New Year's Eve was pretty low key this year.
Jeanette loves to watch Bessie, they are such buddies! 
What happened to my little baby?!?!

This girl, she's so silly and sweet.