Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Days make Bessie Feel Fine :)

Summer Photo Shoot with Bessie

Friday, June 19, 2009

Haiku Friday - Rollercoaster

Haiku Friday

This week, up and down
Started moving out my stuff
from my parents house.

My mom, well she cried
my dad said almost nothing.
Don't know what to do.

This is a big change
but I know its a good one
and it is worth it.

I can't wait to start
this new chapter in my life
with Andrew, my love.

It finally started happening yesterday, I started to move out. My parents cleaned out our basement (well 1/2 of it) and found all of the stuff from when I had my apartment, some decor stuff and most of the kitchen stuff, but I am sure there is more down there somewhere. I spent most of last night unpacking out at the new house, sifting through stuff I didn't even remember that I had and now the kitchen is pretty much complete. The nice hutch that Andrew's sister gave us is somewhat filled with my glassware collection (which I have never been able to display) and Andrew's mom is giving me some family items of hers to help fill the rest.

Tomorrow I'll help my parents with the rest of the basement and continue to move out my things from my room. I'm very excited to be out on my own again and living with an incredible guy, I know that this is hard on my parents, but at the same time I know in the end they will be happy for me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday morning

It's 9am.....I'm having my coffee and catching up on blogs, super excited to see that my bestest friends son is walking, but at the same time feeling horrible.....(but not about that Mel :)

I spent the whole weekend with Andrew (yes, for those wondering I am still not living at the house), we went to tons of garage sales yesterday then went to get his project Volvo, welder and power washer at the farm. Then it was dinner with the family at Olive Garden and unloading the trailer of crap. I stayed the night both Friday and Saturday much to my mothers there is where the being upset comes in......I honestly think that she lives to argue with me.

When I came home about an hour ago she told me that God knows I live in sin and how horrible of a person I am, she looks at me like the sight of me makes her want to vomit and I swear I am not exaggerating this at all.....

When I am around her, I feel like a totally different person, I can't act like I am happy because she doesn't want me to be and anymore she really brings me down. I've been going to counseling and even my counselor says it will be much better when I move out. She feels that my relationship with my mom has a lot to do with my anxiety, depression and nervous moods. I was not surprised by this at all since she is not the first person to tell me this. She tells me I am "heavy" and that my face looks "awful" and when I don't do my hair the way she likes it, well then I really, "look like I don't care about my appearance." I've also heard the following come out of her mouth: "you've really let yourself go" - "I can't believe that you dressed like that to go out to dinner with Andrew" - "he must really not care about how you dress or if you wear make up, that's awful" - "everyone hates the person that you have become" - that is the one that stings the most

I don't care to speak to her and she is only "fake" nice to me when other people are around.....I wanted to move out this weekend but now that she is telling me I'm going to hell, maybe that is not such a good idea right now......

Friday, June 12, 2009

Haiku Friday - Pardon my absence!

Haiku Friday

Its been much too long
since I have done this haiku.
I have no excuse.

But have news to share!
The house is almost done now,
soon I will have pics!

Starting to move in
It's such an exciting time,
for me and Andrew!

I'm happy to start
a new chapter in my life
with a great, sweet guy!

As you may have guessed, we are about finished with making the house super livable! The dishwasher will be arriving on Tuesday and the kitchen will be painted by the end of this weekend, just the hallway and my "office" remain left for painting! We still have work to do in the upstairs bathroom, but I'm not sure when that will be taking place and obviously the lower level is not complete just yet, but we can live without that space for a little while!

I promise not to be so absent from this anymore, I miss the haiku's!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The small things in life mean the most

As I've begun to start the process of moving into the house, I'm starting to see how far we've come from what this place was like back in the winter when we first found in online. Its amazing what a little cleaning and some paint did for the place and it just keeps getting better.

Thanks to the government, we finally received the First Time Home Buyer tax credit check about a week ago! Last night we went out to spend some of that money for the first time (besides paying back money owned to Andrew's wonderful dad who did a lot of work around the house for us). We had a few things picked out, new toilet, battery backup for the sump pump since we loose power a lot, and a weed whacker since our garage sale bargain took a crap and was unable to be fixed. But the biggest surprise of all...........


I was in total shock when Andrew told me that we were going to buy one that night because I figured it would be a while before he wanted to do that.....but as of Tuesday the 16th I will have a lovely new Maytag dishwasher!!!! I despise doing dishes, especially by hand......dries out my skin and it takes forever, but now my time spent doing that terrible task will be signficantly less!

So this weekend we are going to hit some garage sales in search of patio furniture and a stand for our TV, possibly fix the bathroom upstairs and start painting the kitchen!

I also re-potted my herb garden last night into 8" terracotta pots and put them out on the deck in the hopes that the plants will get bigger. I can bring them inside in the winter and possibly repot them if they get larger again. I got a nice house plant as well, so we'll see if I can keep it alive because I have horrible luck with plants it seems!

Pictures of the house are coming soon as well!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And in other news.....

I'm a terrible blogger these days, so here is a mini update and some pictures!

- The house is coming along, I'm going to start moving in there soon. We have the rest of the paint for the kitchen, bathroom and my office/personal space. We still need a new toilet, vanity and shower head for the bathroom but might go get those today. Andrew is pretty much all moved out there now and Bessie as well, although the adjustment has been hard on here. Anyone have tips for making the transition easier on a dog?

- My dad still hasn't found another job and its starting to get to him even more now. My mom is now working her regular job and a part time job 2 days a week for the summer. It really sucks.

- Everything else is about the same are a few pretty pictures I took at Erica's baby shower on Saturday!

I cannot wait to meet the little one soon! Erica's being induced on July 1st, but she could always go early :)