Friday, August 29, 2008

Haiku Friday

So I have decided to steal this idea from Melissa and make the horrid attempt at writing a haiku or two....we'll see how it goes!

Foggy this morning
I drove into work singing
Carrie Underwood
I love her new song
And I used to hate country
Seems odd to me now
Road trip this weekend
Just me and Andrew my love
I can't wait to go
Sorry if this sucks
At least I tried to write one
Better luck next time

Again, my appologies if that sucked.....I tried, honestly I did.....I should probably do something related to work now, instead of looking at blogs and Facebook stalking.....haha

Friday, August 22, 2008

Interesting Concept

So in reading some other peoples blogs, I found someone who had an interesting list of some of their odd likes and dislikes, no particular number for each, just things you'd never think to ask someone if they liked or not, so here are some of mine:

The freckle on my top lip
Pet stores
Small pieces of chocolate
Warm laundry
Film cameras
Wearing sunglasses
Dew on the grass
The smell of leaves in the fall
Picking tomatos
The thrill of catching a fish no matter how big or small
The smell of a good cigar
The floppy ears of a basset hound or any other floppy eared animal
Watching my kitties mix/knead on things
Double-insulated cups and mugs

The bathroom at my work
Dirty feet
Porta-poties & out-houses
The sound of knuckles cracking
People coughing while they smoke a cigarette (or smoke anything else for that matter)
Wet towels on the floor
Hair in the sink
Hairless cats
Having birds for pets
Giant bugs on the windshield
Putting worms on a hook for fishing

So maybe other people on here will post theirs too, it would be interesting to see what other people would write!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knows....

So again, things change with the house/living situation with Andrew.....I swear its making me crazy!!
I don't know if we will be buying a house now, its looking more like he will be inheriting one of the farms his family has in Lewis Center (up near Polaris). So now we are looking for a house to rent. Our realtor has a place he rents and we are gonna try to go and look at it soon, maybe today but I'm not sure. We'll see how we like that place, plus we could have Bessie there instead of having his parents keep her while we are in an apartment. I'd much rather rent a house or a townhouse....but again we have to see what we can afford/what happens.

Work has been super boring this week. Tomorrow I'll be in Cincinnati all day and then I leave Monday morning for PA....sigh.....

Andrew goes to Michigan tomorrow and will be back on Friday and then will have to go to Cincinnati for more work training after that...for 2 weeks....I might go crazy not being able to see him. But we are going to Indiana next weekend so that will be fun!

Well all for now, I should probably try to accomplish something before I go to Sams Club to get stuff for work.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The weekend

Let me tell you, I've never been so thankful for weekends than I have been for them lately!!! Friday I didn't do much, just went to tell Jessica goodbye before she moved to Youngstown for school. I am excited for her to be back in college and doing what she wants finally!! But I will miss her sooo very much while she is there for 2 years!

Saturday I worked at 3 Belles in the morning and then met Andrew at work afterwards, it was his last day at Hogan. He was so ready to go when I got there....I rode with him over to his parents house and then we hung out with Erica and David the rest of the day, along with other people in his family. I am so excited for them to move back to Ohio and be closer, I am really liking getting to know them and having a close relationship with Andrew's family. To me thats something really important in a relationship and I hope it can continue to grow.

Sunday Andrew and I were up pretty early, watched TV in the morning and then decided to go up to the Short North and walk around. We tried to go to a motorcycle store and the junkyard but both were closed. We found a scooter dealership, I honestly want one sooooo bad but I cannot afford something like that right now. We went to North Market after that and walked around, I got this amazing cheddar popcorn there, man was it good! We went to Roosters for lunch and then I had to head home to clean (woopie do). My mom was in her usuall mood on weekends because no one helped her clean. She makes me crazy sometimes!!!

Other than that, didn't really do too much, but it was nice to spend time with Andrew. Its great that we have the same days off now. Today is his first day at his new job and I am hoping that it goes well!!

Well all for now, I have some pics of us shooting this weekend, but havn't uploaded them onto my comptuer at home!