Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jeanette - 9 months old

It's so hard for me to believe that my little girl is 9 months old!  The other day Andrew said he was looking at her baby pictures and couldn't believe how much she has changed.  People aren't kidding when they say that time flies because it really does!

Jeanette was 9 months old on October 23rd but I have not had time to post her update!!!

Height:  I can't find my measuring tape but I know she's gotten longer.  We will find out at her 9 month appointment next week.

Weight: 18 1/2lbs as of Thursday, she's getting so big! 

Clothes/Diapers:  Jeanette is mostly wearing 9 month clothes and 12 month pajamas because she needs the extra length.  I still need my mom to take in most of her pants because they are too big in the waist but she needs them to be longer.  She's still in a size 2 diaper and again, I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Sleep:  Jeanette has had a few days were she did not want to take a morning nap and others where she did not want to take an afternoon nap.  She still sleeps well at night, from 8:30pm to 7:00am most days.

Feedings:  We are still doing three bottles a day and solids three times a day.  She loves to eat and is starting to express to me that she is ready for more finger foods.  We have been doing the puffs and have also tried pieces of banana and some unseasoned, baked french fries too.  She loves that she can feed herself!  We tried meat once and she almost threw up so I've decided to wait and try again.  I haven't given her juice or cows milk yet and plan to ask the pediatrician about when/if I should do those things.  I also made her some baby food pancakes today and she LOVED them!  I stored some in the fridge and freezer for later :)

Worst Moment(s):  Teething has not been fun!  Poor girl has four bottom teeth and I think her top eye teeth are going to come through soon.  It's hard for her to nap on the days her teeth hurt and she sometimes wakes in the night and needs rocked back to sleep.  We also found out that our sitter won't be able to watch Jeanette anymore after mid-November and have had little luck finding someone else.

Best Moment(s):  Watching Jeanette's little personality develop has been so much fun.  She changes by the day and it's amazing to watch her learn and grow.

Development:  Jeanette is crawling well on her hands and knees, she can pull herself up on the couch and chair onto her knees but hasn't gotten on her toes yet.  She can clap her hands, say mama, dada, baba, caca, and dat.  She can pass objects from one hand to another and her pincer grasp is getting really good.  She can put food into her mouth without much effort and can recognize the faces of her family members.

Jeanette Likes:  Eating is probably her favorite thing on earth right now along with music, bath time, chasing the cat and dog, ripping up papers, moving to music, being snuggled and clapping her hands.

Jeanette Dislikes:  There aren't too many dislikes besides the failed attempt at trying meat.....

I wanted to get some outdoor photos of Jeanette in her Carhartts
and finally did this weekend.  She's such a ham when the camera
comes out and it's adorable! 

I only managed to get one good photo with her belly sticker
before she ripped it off and tried to eat it!  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

It's been one hell of a week!

ONE: I found out on Tuesday that as of November 6th, our sitter will no longer be able to watch Jeanette.  I don't want to get into the details, but I am devastated because we love her and she takes such good care of our sweet little girl.  I have been on and asking friends for suggestions as well.  I can't stay home with her so we have to figure something out.  Please keep us in your thoughts as we find a new care provider.  I haven't been handling this well emotionally and have been up half the night for the last three days with anxiety and stress issues.  

TWO: I am OBSESSED with the song "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line.  I have to turn the radio all the way up when it comes on, unless of course Jeanette is in the car.  I don't want to damage her hearing :)

THREE: I have to get back into some kind of workout routine.  I have been feeling very stressed and need a release in the evenings.  It's been a little crazy this month, but next week things should calm down so I hope to start working out after Jeanette goes to bed.  I have a doctor appointment in December for a check on my anxiety/stomach issues and want to have lost some weight before my appointment.

FOUR: Jeanette cut another bottom tooth this week and has two more that are close to the surface.  She also has a top tooth that might be coming through soon.  The last time she cut a tooth she got terrible diaper rash and it's back again.  Poor thing was miserable for most of the week but napped well yesterday and "helped" me do some laundry.  

FIVE: We don't have any concrete plans this weekend (other than Andrew going hunting) and I'm happy that we will most likely be spending the weekend at home!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A successful surprise party!

So the big secret around here was the surprise party we threw for Andrew's mom and dad yesterday.  They both turned 70 on October 3rd and it's so neat that they have the same birthday!  I have been planning and sneaking around planning this party with Andrew's sister and sister-in-law.  We invited about 25 close family and friends and no one blew the surprise!

We told his parents that we were all meeting at his sisters house and then going out to dinner, but when they pulled in the driveway and saw all of us standing outside clapping and saying surprise they were shocked!

Andrew's sister hosted the party and we all made lots of food and treats for the guests.  To say they were shocked was an understatement and I am so glad we were able to keep things a secret.

We also took a few family photos to give them as a gift last weekend and managed to keep those a secret as well.

The party was really fun and I know Andrew's mom and dad enjoyed visiting with everyone for the afternoon.  Jeanette was a little fussy since she didn't take an afternoon nap, but she made it through the day without too much trouble.  

Andrew's sister made this awesome sign for the party (I saw the idea on Pinterest).  The 7 is all photos of Andrew's dad and the 0 is all pictures of Andrews mom.  She also made each of us a book with some of the photos along with a book report Andrew's mom did in the 6th grade about her life.

 It was a great day filled with lots of family and friends and I'm glad we managed to pull off such a great surprise!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Weekend

It really turned to fall this weekend in Central Ohio complete with a really cold and windy day on Saturday and even some sleet.  Of course this was the day we had planned to go to the pumpkin patch with Andrew's brother, wife and their two girls.  We still managed to find some beautiful pumpkins and had a nice time walking around.  Poor Jeanette had to stay in the stroller however bc it was so cold.  I will have to snap some photos of her this week in the adorable Halloween outfit I got her to wear for our outing.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed up to have dinner with some of Andrew's family and celebrate his parents 70th birthday.  They were both born on October 3rd in Columbus at different hospitals and have known one another since the 3rd grade!  I also started decorating the house for fall/Halloween!

There were 140 candles on the cake for their 70th birthday.

Sue is wondering if the cake will catch fire and Bob is too
amused to care :)

At the pumpkin patch

Poor baby Jeanette all snuggled in her stroller at the pumpkin patch.
Jeanette also learned a few new tricks this weekend.  Just when I was getting used to the idea of her crawling she started pulling herself up on things.  We now have the crib as low as it will go and we really have to keep an extra eye on Jeanette.  It's so hard to get things done with her being into everything.  I am still using the exersaucer to contain her so I can cook or do dishes, but nap time seems to be the best time to get things done these days.  

Jeanette is also able to sit up on her own a lot better now and can pull herself into a sitting position which she's never done until recently.  I got this basket for her toys which she now loves to dump all over the floor.  It seems like she grew and changed a lot over the weekend.

Sunday was our typical day trying to get things done around the house and running errands.  Sunday was also Andrew's birthday and he insisted that we not do anything special.  We had a nice dinner together and I got him a new OSU sweatshirt.  We both have a terrible addiction to sweat shirts and jackets so why not add to the collection!

This week is going to be a little nuts and I will have an awesome update next Monday.  I can't reveal much now but I hope that everything goes well with what we have planned!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Today my handsome, amazing husband turns 32 years old.

Back when we met in 2008 we were just babies!  I was about to turn 23 and Andrew was 26.  

At his brothers wedding June 2008

 As time has gone by so much has changed.  Andrew bought a house and we moved in together.  We've celebrated holiday's, changed jobs, lost loved ones, learned a lot about one another, loved and fought and triumphed in life.  

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Andrew, on a cool spring day on our old boat.  That boy could spend all day, everyday on a lake, never catch a fish and still have a good time.  

I love how well he gets along with my brother.  They are best friends and it's so amazing to watch them spend time together.  

I've even convered Andrew to a Steelers fan.  And to think, he didn't even like football when we first met.  

And the boy does clean up well :)

We got engaged.

Got married.....

And then started a little family of our own.

I can't imagine a better person to spend my life with.  Andrew has been there for me during some of my darkest times and celebrated with me through some of the happiest.  He is an amazing father, he works hard for our family, he's hilarious (even he thinks he's the funniest person he knows), sweet, goofy, resourceful and pretty darn handsome.  

Happy Birthday pumpkin, I love you! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday

I saw that Carol over at Keeping up With the Kaune's had posted about her 5 favorite scary movies and since it's October I wanted to be a copy cat and do the same!  But I thought I would change things up a little, so here are my 5 Favorite Scary Movies and my 5 Favorite Halloween movies (they don't have to be scary):

Five Favorite Scary Movies:

The Shining:  Hands down, this is one of the best movies of all time!  I have loved Stephen King books and movies for as long as I can remember and this one takes the cake.  There are still parts where I have to shut my eyes, especially at the end when they find Jack all frozen in that maze, ack!!!!  There are so many scary things about this movie, Red Rum, blood pouring out of an elevator, the creepy twins, Jack going insane, the music and camera angles.  I will make sure to watch this one during October.

Pet Sematary:  Another amazing Stephen King movie adaptation.  I remember watching this with my dad one year around Halloween and I was so scared.  We buried two of our cats in our backyard and I had nightmares for weeks that they came back from the dead.

Psycho:  I am also a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock and it was hard for me to choose between this move and The Birds.  I think this one is a little scarier however.  I love the camera angles that Hitchcock uses and how creepy Norman is in this movie as well.  It may come as no surprise that I am totally hooked in the show Bates Motel on A&E as well because it's the precursor to the movie.  I was skeptical that it wouldn't be good, but like the movie it's always leaving you on the edge of your seat.

Poltergeist:  I actually never watched this entire movie until a few years ago, and though it's cheesy it's still pretty scary.  It's also disturbing when you read about how the actors who were in this film had some awful things happen to them after the filming.  I think the thought of living in a haunted house is enough to scare anyone, but to have your child taken to the other side is even scarier!

Silence of the Lambs:  I know this might not be a scary movie to some, but I think it falls into the category.  The acting is amazing, the suspense is wonderful and there isn't a lot of blood and guts.  I will take suspense over blood and guts any day of the week.  Anthony Hopkins is AMAZING as Hannibal Lecter and the Buffalo Bill case is amazing too.  The part at the end with Buffalo Bill wearing the night vision goggles following Clarice around gets me every time.

Five Favorite Halloween Movies:

Hocus Pocus:  What girl doesn't love this movie and can quote every single line?!  This one is a classic and I could watch it a million more times and still love it.

Halloweentown:  Oh Disney Channel Movies, how I miss you!  I remember watching this one about once a week with my mom during Halloween when I lived at home.  My dad would walk in the room, see it on the TV and roll his eyes.  Nothing better than witches and a secret universe where it is Halloween all the time!

The Addam's Family:  I've seen this movie a million times as well but love it just the same.  I remember watching the old TV show with my mom and I was so excited when the movie came out.

Beetlejuice:  Another classic, did you know that Michael Keaton who plays Beetlejuice is only in the movie for 17 minutes of the whole 92 minute film!?  This one is funny and a little dark and who doesn't love a Tim Burton movie?!

Edward Scissorhands:   Another Tim Burton movie that is also creepy, funny and even a little bit sad.  It also features Winona Ryder as one of the main characters and the always amazing Johnny Depp.  The sets in this movie are pretty darn cool as well is the direction of Tim Burton and the music.  There is a Christmas scene in this movie and I adore the part where Edward is carving the ice sculpture and Kim is dancing around as if it's real snow.

So what are some of your favorite movies to watch around Halloween?  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things I've learned about myself

I've been seeing some posts around the blogiverse about what we have recently learned about ourselves.  I know that I have changed a lot since starting this blog and I have learned even more about myself since becoming a mother.  There are some things that are harder to accept and some that I just feel the need to let out because they are a part of me.
  • I cannot deal with alternative music.  I'm a simple girl, some classic rock or some country and I'm all set.  If it involves weird instruments and is played on the alternative station count me out.
  • I have anxiety.  I have personally know this for a long time, but after really being diagnosed I am learning to deal.  I am on a light anti-anxiety medication and for the first time in three years I feel like myself!  
  • I am only good at driving when I am in the car alone.  
  • I hate mushrooms and do not think I will ever like them, the texture is enough to make me gag.
  • There is nothing I hate more than people who don't have a work ethic.  They show up late and unprepared for work, screw around all day and somehow seem to skate by for years doing the bare minimum.  They complain when they have to do work that isn't "glamorous" like setting up a meeting or cleaning up trash after a conference, they call in "sick" and are constantly unavailable.  
  • On that same note, I feel like I have a pretty amazing work ethic.  I love my job, I hate being late, I'm always prepared (almost to a fault at times it seems) and I love to go above and beyond.  Call me a brown-noser but this is just how I was raised.  
  • I think that being with a man who works with his hands is so sexy.  I love when Andrew smells like grease and his hands are dirty.  
  • I love coffee and though I have tried to kick the habit I can't!  It's not so much that I need the caffeine (although some days I do), I just love the taste and having something warm in the morning.  
  • Becoming a mom is nothing like I ever could have imagined.  I look at Jeanette in wonder each day that Andrew and I created such an amazing little girl.
  • I'm still pretty much in the "one and done" club.  I know that could change but so far life as a family of three (plus two fur children) is pretty amazing.
  • As hard as it is to be a working mom, I really enjoy both.  I can see the benefits of staying at home but for our family and for me it doesn't make sense.  I think in an ideal world I would love to work part time, but with the career path I've chosen that's just not possible right now.  I will keep myself open to other opportunities however and who knows where the future might take me and our family.
So what have you learned about yourself recently?  Anything similar to mine?
Also, I'm super excited for some upcoming events but since some of them are top secret I won't be blogging about them for a few weeks!  My in-laws are turning 70 tomorrow (yes, they have the same birthday) and my hubby will be 32 on Sunday!  We are also planning to go to the pumpkin patch for the first time with Jeanette on Saturday, I know it's going to be chilly but I hope it doesn't rain!