Thursday, July 24, 2008

And things change again!

So just as I was ready to face the fact that Andrew didn't get the job at Frito-Lay the guy calls him yesterday while we're out fishing asking him to go get a DOT physical and take a drug test, assuming all goes well (which we know it will) they will hire him on! So now its looking like we will live on the East Side of town!

We looked at some houses online last night in Pataskala, Reynoldsburgh, Pickerington and Summit Station so we are going to drive by them this weekend and see which ones we want to see in person with our amazing realtor (thank goodness for your dad Caitlyn!!).

I am glad this all worked out, I didn't really want to be all the way in West Jefferson, 35 mins from work and 40 mins from school....just too much driving on my old old car!

So wish us luck with the house hunting :)

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Caitlyn said...

Amanda! I'm glad things are going well with you and Andrew! Also that my dad is helping you find a house. I hope he's being nice to you! I'd write more, but Chaela is trying to grab my face, so I'll leave it at that. Talk to you soon!