Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knows....

So again, things change with the house/living situation with Andrew.....I swear its making me crazy!!
I don't know if we will be buying a house now, its looking more like he will be inheriting one of the farms his family has in Lewis Center (up near Polaris). So now we are looking for a house to rent. Our realtor has a place he rents and we are gonna try to go and look at it soon, maybe today but I'm not sure. We'll see how we like that place, plus we could have Bessie there instead of having his parents keep her while we are in an apartment. I'd much rather rent a house or a townhouse....but again we have to see what we can afford/what happens.

Work has been super boring this week. Tomorrow I'll be in Cincinnati all day and then I leave Monday morning for PA....sigh.....

Andrew goes to Michigan tomorrow and will be back on Friday and then will have to go to Cincinnati for more work training after that...for 2 weeks....I might go crazy not being able to see him. But we are going to Indiana next weekend so that will be fun!

Well all for now, I should probably try to accomplish something before I go to Sams Club to get stuff for work.

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Mel said...

Buying a house?!? Shouldn't I meet this guy first? :) Is Bessie a furry four-legged creature I need to meet too? I'll give you a call this week - I have a job interview tomorrow at 11, therapy at 4. Free again after that until Tuesday I think.