Saturday, September 6, 2008

After today

Its totally official, no more po-dunk West Jefferson living for Andrew! I am actually excited that he won't be living there anymore, its going to suck for a few weeks with him being in the old house bc there is no privacy, but I am sure that we can manage in the mean time. He still has another week of this training in Cincinnati and should be done by Thursday of next week if all goes well!

Other than that, not too much has been going on. I've still been feeling sick, hardly have any appetite at all most days and its really starting to annoy me. When I do eat nothing tastes good....maybe it is this Depo shot, but I honestly don't know. Erica said this was not one of the side effects, maybe I have a bug, but I can't go to the doctor because of lovely 90 day probation at insurance kicks in on December 1st!!! That seems so far away! Today I tried to eat a bagel, but again didn't taste good, but this Tim Hortons coffee is

Well this weekend hopefully will be alright....I'll probably wait till Monday to write again!


Caitlyn said...

I didn't know you've been feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon! Yay for health insurance!

Amanda said...

Yeah it was like an all week thing. I went back on birth control and I think it messed me all up! But I feel better today and yes I cannot wait to have my health insurance again!