Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I got home from Pittsburgh around 4pm yesterday and it was a great trip! I am hoping though the next trip is for pleasure and not business, and that I will get to take Andrew with me! But enough about that I already posted about the trip a few days ago.

I got back into work this morning thinking well its just a catch up day, and I get this some what nasty email from my boss. She said that people around the office have been saying that I talk to much and share too much about myself and that I bother her all the time. I wasn't sure how to take what she was trying to say.....I could go into more but I won't. Basically she thinks that I am unprofessional and that I need to work harder at not talking about myself or anything that has to do with me. She says she is only telling me all this because she wants to see me succeed here but I have never had an employer say anything of this nature to me before. I guess I just don't know how to respond or what to say to her when she gets back to the office tomorrow and I know that she will corner me about it as soon as she gets here.

I really like this job, but it seems that everyone here takes me the wrong way and I'm not sure if I like that or not. I have had several people tell me that I get too dressed up for work and that I am too girly, okay whatever......its casual here but I am just not like that. I got bumped out of my office bc the IT people wanted to move and I still can't find some of my stuff (I didn't get to move my stuff because I had no time and the IT people did it for me on a Saturday). I have to get my bosses approval for everything that I do, yet she does not want me to "bother" her all the time with my "questions". Part of me almost feels like maybe I should start looking for another job just in case they decide that I don't fit in here. They can still fire me without any notice until November 4th when my probation ends, which after getting that email scares me a little.

On a good note, my class got cancelled tonight so now I will have some time to catch up on things I couldn't do while on my trip, like laundry, cleaning and some school stuff. Andrew is coming over after work to put my new memory in my computer so it will run faster and last me a little longer until I can afford a new one, or buy his old one.

Let me know if you have any advice about the job......I'm stuck and not sure where to turn for answers. I just hope that today does not get any worse................


Caitlyn said...

Tell everyone to suck it. It sounds like the kind of place where people do that. To be completely honest, it sounds like you work with a bunch of morons.

Caitlyn said...

Also I miss you, too! Ignore my bitterness, I'm just depressed about my own job situation.

Amanda said...

Yeah, not everyone is a moron but most of them are....they just take things out on me because I am the new person and I don't know how the "office politics" work.

And its okay to be bitter, trust me thats how I was a few summers back when that jerk from the real estate office let me go for no reason!