Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Well the work trip went well, despite the fact that I hardly slept the whole time and I think I am getting was a learning experience for sure! This morning its back to the grind at the office. I woke up to my car covered in a little less than an inch of by the way I hate that its winter already. It was rainy/snowy/sleeting the whole way home yesterday, roads were fine it was just annoying to drive in. Same with this morning, flurries the whole way to work and I was not prepared for snow removal from my car, I used a broom since I couldn't find my scraper/brush....who knows where that thing could

When I got home yesterday my mom was making soup and bread, which was perfect for a cold Sunday and watching football! The Steelers won yesterday by one point. It was the first game in NFL history to end with the score of 11-10 bc they got a safety in the first quarter. It was a crazy game to watch, lots of penalties against the Steelers and none against the Chargers. Thursday night we play the Bengals.....though the game is not on regular TV since we don't get NFL Network at our house. I might have to go somewhere and watch it, or at least part of it!

This week should be hectic, finals are next week and I have tons of homework to do tonight when I get home, along with some cleaning/organizing. I want to start working on some Christmas gifts as well and maybe make a stop at Joanns while I am at Sally's getting Shampoo today. As much as I don't want to admit that the Holiday Season is upon us, its here and I really need to get cracking with that stuff here soon!

Well thats all I've got for now, I should be doing something productive at work, although my sore throat and neck burn from my straightener is making me super


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I hope you make it through this week with as little stress as possible! Neck burn!?! Yikes! I haven't done that with mine......and I hope I don't either :o)

Mel said...

Mmmm, the Bengals tied yesterday. They shoulda won too -- Shayne Graham was trying for a field goal at the end of overtime, and just missed it. Can't even believe it. Call me sometime this week and we can talk about maybe hanging out. Only night bad for me is Thursday this week, oh, and we'll be at my mom's house for the OSU - Michigan game on Saturday. Although if you want, I bet my mom wouldn't mind you coming over for that.

Caitlyn said...

Whoa, the OSU-Michigan game is Saturday? So is the BYU-Utah game! The Holy War, not as big as OH/MI, even though the crazies out here think it is. If there is no riot, there is no rivalry!
Anyways, I have a cold, too. Blah! Maybe your mom can make soup and bread for me!

Amanda said...

Wayfaring - I am trying not to get too stressed out, I got a lot of my classwork done last night so I should have some free time.

Mel - That Bengals game was crazy, they play the Steelers on guess we can't talk that day ;)

Caitlyn - Gotta love the football rivalries! The Michigan game is here this year and we are favored to win by 20 points! Yeah this getting sick thing sucks!!!