Monday, March 16, 2009

In just a week

We'll be closing on the house. It seems like this part of the process is going much faster than I had planned. If we don't close this Friday, it will be the 27th, which is fine. Its not like we can move right in or anything, but it would be nice to get in there and start working on the place. I am hoping to have things done in time for my birthday weekend and have a little get together!

I got to see my Otterbein girls this weekend, which was great! Megan came down from Cleveland and we all met up at El Vaquero in Hilliard for dinner and went downtown to Brothers afterward. Andrew and I didn't get home till 2:15am which means this is the latest I have stayed out since I can't even remember. I feel like such an old person. It was so good to see everyone and to catch up on life, I miss the old days when we all lived in the dorms together. I think even Andrew had a good time and he's not really the go to a bar and party type of person and I'm not really either these days. I'm more content to sit at home with a nice bottle of wine and just chill out.

Sunday we layed in bed till 9, which is late for Andrew who always wants to be up at 7 doing something. We went and got some food and then decided to take a bike ride. I'm for sure feeling the uncomfortable effects of the first bike ride of the season. After a few more times though it won't be so bad. I kinda miss where Andrew used to live in West Jefferson this time of year. We would ride our bikes down to McDonalds and get McFlurries and then wander through the dollar store and go play at the park. It was nice to have fun little places to go like that, but maybe soon we'll have new things to do in Pataskala at our new home!

This week should not be nearly as busy as last week, I have a few appointments but no school again till the first of April!!!!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

How exciting for you with the house closing coming up!

p.s. My living room is yellow....well, lemongrass!

Amanda said...

I know, I never thought things would happen so quickly!!! Once we finally narrow down colors I am going to order some of your prints. I love to decorate with photos, that's pretty much how my room at home is, but I doubt Andrew wants stuff that's pink all over our house!