Monday, May 25, 2009

Feeling Sentimetal

On Saturday Andrew and I took one of my favorite drives....out to West Jefferson where our love story first began. We were on our way to a cookout with my college friends, but we took the back roads through Dublin and Plain City to get out to the west side of town. As we got closer so many memories started to flood my mind....

"Remember when we broke down on the motorcycle in that driveway? Then a cop drove by and I told him we were okay because I didn't have my license with me?" - Andrew

"I used to love walking down to that McDonalds on a hot day, getting a McFlurry and then walking back to the park and talking on the swings." - Me and Andrew

"Sometimes I miss it here. I'm glad we'll have our own place soon, but there is just something about this small town that's kinda cool." - Andrew

It was really out there that we began to fall in love and that I started to really open up to Andrew. There were all kinds of nice places to take walks, beautiful parks nearby and other places that were just a 10 minute drive to an afternoon of fun. We first said I Love You to one another at Batelle Darby park off of W. Broad Street, we first started looking for a house together out there as well. We really got to know one another there and I think that as dumb as it might sound West Jefferson will always have a special place in our hearts. Its no New York City or Paris, and certainly not as nice as some other places around here, but its where our love story began.

So where did you first fall in love? Do you have a cute story about the places that you better got to know your husband/boyfriend or significant other? I love a good story, so share yours!

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