Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Night

We fought for the first time since we broke up back in was the strangest feeling. A lot of things had been getting to me over the past few days, the stress of the house and people acting like they could tell us what to do.

We spent most of yesterday at garage sales with Dave and Erica, got some nice things for the house and kept anticipating the rain, which never came till way later in the evening. We dropped off our wares and Dave and Erica and headed onto the next sales with Andrew's sister Jennifer.....didn't find much the second time around. Andrew was crabby most of the day, not quite sure why, and was starting to get on my last nerve. I love him, don't get me wrong, but sometimes he can just make me nuts! When he gets tired or sick of doing something, he just gets all pissy and it sucks. We headed back to his parents house to load up the car and head out to the house and get something to eat.

After dinner and unloading we were just sitting around and Erica called Andrew's phone. She wanted to talk to me and then informed me that she and Jennifer had gotten us a cat. Sounds awesome right?! Well not really, they want us to take it here soon and we don't even live in the house yet. The area where I would keep the cat isn't even close to being done and won't be till the tax credit comes through. I didn't know what to say and felt it was my own fault bc I had been talking about wanting my own pet since Andrew has Bessie and I don't have a cat or dog of my own. I'd honestly much rather get another dog since that's the one pet I've never really had. As much as I'd love a cat, right now is not the time for a little baby kitten, litter training and making sure it doesn't run out of the house while we're still working on things. I just feel dumb bc they (Erica and Jennifer) have a tendency to think that whatever they say goes and that everyone has to go along with what they think is best.

That's when the fight started.........yet another reason why I'm glad we'll be living 30 minutes away from everyone for at least the next 5 years. Our little country house will be a nice get a way from the old hen gossip that goes on in that family sometimes. I love them, and again please don't get me wrong, but it can be a lot to deal with occassionaly. I just let loose and started going off about everything that's been bothering me.....the way they all talk about me and Andrew and mines relationship when we are not around, how they think that I'm such a spoiled rich kid (which is FAR from the truth) and how no matter what there can be no pleasing them bc whatever they say is the only thing that is right.

I hate fighting.........................

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Mel said...

So not your fault. Who gets a cat for someone who doesn't live anywhere yet? I know it's more complicated than that, but that is just not the kind of surprise present you want to give someone. A pet is always something you ask about, even if the person says, "I definitely want a cat now."

In-laws, whether you're actually married to their son/brother or not, can be weird. Not like truly strange people or anything, but they can be weird about certain things. My father-in-law is really weird about money. And food. My aunt-in-law is weird about a lot of stuff, like giving advice where it's not needed/wanted.

Anyway, chin up. Sometimes it's best to vent about the in-laws to someone who's not your SO. Don't vent about his family unless he starts it, and try to stick to what he's already saying, agreeing and giving similar examples. That's the easiest way to vent with him, but still be on the same side and not take it too far. I've been in that same situation before.

And really, you know what it feels like. You can bash your family all you want, but the minute someone else starts in on it, you start to get defensive.