Monday, July 27, 2009

Spilling open

My random thoughts for the week ahead:

  • I have not been sleeping well again. I get these crazy belly aches at night sometimes now, I am thinking that it is stress related but I am not sure. I need at least one red bull some mornings to make it through the day.
  • My hair is getting really long again, I will try to take a picture later this week, but I just keep thinking back in the winter it was so short and dark and its only July and its grown a ton!
  • I have really enjoyed being a "wifey" lately....haha, I must really be turning into my mother! I love to cook dinner every night and a big breakfast on the weekends and I don't mind cleaning as much now. I made biscuits and gravy from scratch this weekend and Andrew loved it! He's a pretty lucky boy if you ask me!
  • We FINALLY got to take the boat out this weekend! Being busy with the house leaves no time for doing anything! Although we only caught one fish, it was still nice, and I worked on my farmers tan some more!
  • My dad has a job interview yesterday, I am praying so hard that he gets this job! Its for a food service company that mostly deals with organic food products and items for people with food allergies, such as gluten and artificial sweeteners. He is supposed to hear something back by Wednesday so we will see what happens.
  • I've really been neglecting my social life recently and that needs to change. I feel so overwhelmed and feel like my friends probably think I hate them or no longer have time for them. I know there are some that understand, and hell maybe all of them do, but I'm not sure. I find myself falling asleep after work when I tell people I'll call them or just all out forgetting and then the guilt sits with me for days.....I really suck at life sometimes. Then there are those few people I have not spoken to in months, some because of an idiotic fight that occurred over something very silly, I miss those people and they know who they are, but I know if I called they wouldn't answer or possibly changed their numbers. Maybe it is not worth it to begin with.
  • The State Fair starts tomorrow and I cannot wait to go this weekend! Probably will be going with Andrew and his family if all goes to plan!

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