Wednesday, October 28, 2009

100 facts

On several blogs that I've read I've seen that on your 100th post your supposed to write 100 facts about yourself - we'll I'm now at 150 so here goes!

1) I'm blonde, polish and catholic all by birth.

2) Those three things cause me to be the butt of many a joke.

3) I hate being called Mandy.

4) My mom was convinced I was a boy till the day I was born.

5) She would have named me Christopher if that would have been true.

6) I never met my mom's mother, she died when my mom was 4.

7) I'm the craziest Steeler's fan you will ever meet.

8) I know more about football than my boyfriend.

9) Speaking of him, we met on the internet (yeah yeah yeah) and he's the second Andrew I've dated.

10) I've also dated two mechanics who went to the same college only in different cities (and in case you're wondering they both went to UTI, I bet you've seen the commercials).

11) I really like cars and know a good deal about them - I loved going to car shows with my dad as a kid and that continued into adulthood.

12) I've never seen the pacific ocean.

13) I think everyone should be registered to vote - if you don't vote then you don't have a right to complain!

14) I have kept a journal on and off since 3rd grade.

15) When I first went to college I thought I wanted to do broadcast journalism.

16) Then I got a D in my first class on that subject and decided that it wasn't for me and my wonderful adviser suggested Public Relations instead.

17) The reason I thought I wanted to do broadcast journalism is because I loved sports and wanted to talk about them on the news - little did I know that this job would also mean never having a life thanks to a rude NBC 4 editor that told us (my class) this my second week of college.

18) I met some of my best friends in college and I give that credit to living in a small dorm my freshman year and to my RA for making us all do things together.

19) Sometimes I wish that I would have gone to college out of state though to experience something a little different.

20) My second choice was in West Virginia in the middle of no where and 2 hours away from home, but something made me decide not to go there.

21) I love to cook now that I have my own kitchen to do it in - I make Andrew and I dinner nearly every night and he really appreciates it.

22) I like to call myself a heck of a baker too, but I know people who are better (yes Caitlyn that means you).

23) I even made Andrew cupcakes for our first Valentines Day and the most recent one as well - I think its something I'll do every year.

24) I knew I was in love with Andrew after a month of dating, but it took him longer to be convinced that we were meant to be.

25) He's the only boyfriend I've ever had that my family really took to immediately and I adore his family as well!

26) Our first date was at Abuelo's at Easton - our second date he let me pick a movie and it was awful but I think the kiss afterward made up for it!

27) He was the only guy I've ever gone out with that made me feel shy and silly.

28) I've been a bridesmaid in 7 weddings but I've never been married or engaged.

29) This could be because I have a lot of cousins that are older than me.

30) I've never had to wear an ugly dress and my mom actually made half of my dresses because I was little and it was much cheaper.

31) I look pretty much exactly like my mom, or that is what people tell me.

32) My brother looks just like my dad but with thicker hair (lol)

33) I am a total daddy's girl.

34) My dad is the reason I love music so much - he played the guitar for me even before I was born and taught me how to sing.

35) I was in band in middle school, junior high and part of high school and played flute.

36) I was in choir too and liked that a lot more than band.

37) We were the only choir that got to go on 2 trips, Washington DC and Orlando, FL to sing in competitions because we were amazing.

38) The Disney trip is one of my best high school memories.

39) I was a serial dater in high school and always had a boyfriend.

40) I went to every single high school dance and never had the same date twice, well except maybe one guy.

41) I love dances and miss them; getting dressed up is so much fun!

42) I used to do people's hair and makeup for dances too.

43) I briefly considered going to Cosmetology school.

44) I'm still not sure if I want to have kids or not.

45) But I do know that I want to get married and have a big but laid back wedding.

46) My first concert was Cheap Trick at Easton with my mom and dad.

47) I've seen Bon Jovi in concert 3 times, I love them!

48) I talk in baby voices to animals, mine and my friends.

49) My favorite food is grilled cheese, second fave would be caesar salad.

50) I used to be addicted to Ranch Dressing and would eat it on everything, but since I've gone on a diet I rarely have it.

51) I've never broken a bone.

52) I do not eat mushrooms, I mean they're a fungus, that's gross!

53) I am scared to death of clowns and mimes, they just creep me out.

54) I am also very grossed out by feet and I cannot stand it when people have nasty feet.

55) Speaking of feet, mine are very small and narrow, everyone else in my family has big feet but me.

56) I love shoe shopping and purse shopping, I also have this thing about buying underwear.

57) I'm also in love with garage sales and thrift stores.

58) I collect antique glassware, mostly Pyrex and Fire-King, some Duncan Miller too.

59) I also collect: Barbies, perfume bottles, vintage coats and handbags and tshirts from all of the places I have been.

60) I've never gone camping.

61) I love to go fishing.

62) I'm paranoid and worry a lot about different things, like running out of gas or falling on ice when its cold out.

63) I never let my car get below 1/4 of a tank, I did this once and I about had a panic attack.

64) I am becoming a neat freak like my mother.

65) I love to iron clothes.

66) Apparently I am a violent sleeper and move around a lot and steal blankets from people.

67) I can eat spicier food than my boyfriend.

68) I love chicken wings, that would probably be my second most favorite food.

69) I love to read, one of my favorite books is Silence of the Lambs.

70) That book is also my favorite movie.

71) I love Stephen King books as well, anything murder-mystery will keep me entertained.

72) I can type really fast and it drives people nuts, mostly my parents because of their lack of computer skills and Andrew because he hates listening to it when we are both in the office together.

73) I am an ameture photographer, I still love using a film camera, to me there is nothing like some really good black and white photos!

74) I am really close with most of my family, but I do have an aunt I have never met and a few cousins that my family does not talk to.

75) I was fortunate enough in my childhood to know some of my great grandparents as well as great great aunts and uncles - my great grandpa was 96 when he passed away and his sister was 102.

76) I love to sing, I like to dance too although I am not that good.

77) I used to go to dance clubs about every Thursday in college, no wonder I was so skinny we would sweat and dance for 3-4 hours!

78) You could not pay me to go back to high school, unless it was just so I could spend even more time with friends.

79) And if I didn't have to work at Joann Fabrics again, granted I loved that job but I wouldn't want to do retail again!

80) I think my favorite job was the real estate office with Jessica, plus I learned a lot there which helped me when Andrew and I got the house. Granted on weekends we pretty much just sat around and ate pizza and looked at facebook!

81) I really want to get my real estate license, I think I would make a good realtor!

82) I also would love to photograph houses for a real estate office.

83) Hocking Hills is one of my favorite places, I could go there and hike around every weekend.

84) My first trip with Andrew was to Hocking Hills and it rained the whole time but we had a lot of fun!

85) I've been to Disney in Florida 4 times in my life, the first time I was 3 and I don't really remember much of the trip, but apparently I got really sick.

86) The next 3 times I remember, once in 4th grade, 10th grade and then senior year of high school.

87) I've also been to the space center, Universal Studios twice and Wet 'n Wild.

88) Honestly, Florida is really the only cool place I've been in my life, I've never really seen mountains or anything else cool.

89) I'd like to go out west someday and I'd love to go to Hawaii as well.

90) I don't have a passport.

91) I've never gotten a ticket or been in an accident.

92) I still drive the same car I had in high school.

93) My car has almost 250,000 miles and its still kickin, its been really well maintained over the years.

94) If I could get another car it would be one of the following: Volvo 240, Volvo S80, VW Jetta TDI, Ford Lightening, or a Chevy S10 step-side.

95) I don't know how to drive a stick shift.

96) I know a little sign language and some Spanish.

97) I tend to find myself correcting other people's language and speech.

98) My mom is the one that I pick at the most about her use of words and the way she puts sentences together.

99) I'm afraid that I am turning into my mother.

100) I highly doubt anyone will read this far!


Unknown said...

Ha ha! I totally read the whole thing! Very cool. I don't think I knew all of that. Someday we will hang out.

Amanda said...

Hahahaha thanks for reading all of it, I mean really I just did it to amuse myself....I just sent you a message on facebook about getting together because I suck at life and never have any free time!