Monday, October 12, 2009

The year has flown by

Over the weekend I couldn't stop thinking about how quickly this year has passed by it seems. Just about a year ago (in a few weeks) was when Andrew and I hit a rough patch, when Erica (his sister-in-law) found out she was pregnant and when I finally realized that Andrew was the one despite everything that happened. And just about a year later, look at where we are! Andrew and I are living together, little Isabelle is 3 months old and such a cutie, I'm slowly getting back to my old self with this diet and exercise program and its fall again. Driving to my parents house yesterday afternoon I noticed how beautifully the trees had started to change - only a few of our trees are left to loose their leaves and I'll be sad when our beautiful red maple is naked again.

I decorated the house for Halloween last night too since my mom gave me some of my decorations last night. My grandma every year used to make me a ceramic decoration so its nice to have those now for my own house. This coming weekend we're going to Pigeon Roost out on Rt. 40 to pick pumpkins!

Other fun fall things I've done include: making halloween sugar cookies, making an apple pie by myself for the first time, buying pecks of apples at Meijer for said pie but getting 2x as much as I needed, plotting halloween costumes for Andrew's parents party (we still can't decide what to dress up as, we might end up being Austin Powers and Foxy Cleopatra if all else fails since I've got the costumes.

I'm pretty excited actually for Xmas and Thanksgiving to get here, even if it means it will be colder outside. We get to cut down a tree together and decorate our house and just thinking about it makes my eyes twinkle like a little kid :)

Oh and T minus 4 days till our furnace is installed!!!

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