Saturday, January 9, 2010

My strange love of vintage

For a 24 year old I have a strange love of anything vintage. I've had this addiction since my early teens when I started antiquing and going to garage sales with my family. My grandma at this time had a healthy addiction to FireKing glass (made by Anchor Hocking right in Lancaster, OH) and Bake-lit utensils and jewelery. By age 15 I had a pretty good collection of glass and bake-lit utensils as well and even got a good deal of glassware for my 16th birthday.

I don't know many people who enjoy this hobby. Sure my friends like to go to garage sales but none of them are into flipping over dishes and cups to see if they are marked or digging through boxes looking for some treasure or another.

I also have a thing for vintage coats and jewelery, I have two beautiful coats that I purchased at 3 Belles Consignment (where I used to work on weekends a few years back). They also carry gently used women's clothing, designer handbags and shoes as well as jewelery and other accessories.

Recently Andrew's sister got me a vintage engagement ring at an auction, further fueling my love for vintage jewelery. Here is some of my addiction, just to give you an idea of what I mean.

This is just a small portion of my glassware collection. Most of what is in there is FireKing Bubble Glass, a pattern that my grandma just gave to me along with some of the Early American Presscut and some dessert glasses from Andrew's mom.

This is the ring that Andrew's sister Jennifer bought me at an auction. She said it was calling my name and I needed it desperately, I guess I agree with that statement ;)

One of my vintage winter coats, $30 at the consignment store about two years ago. I also have elbow length leather gloves in white and dark tan that I wear with it.

(Please don't report me to PETA) Yes, this coat has fur, but it is beautiful. Andrew calls it my old lady coat but I don't really care. I love the details of the buttons and the fine quality of the wool.

My mom got me this purse last year for Christmas, its another vintage fave, probably from the 60's or 70's and its in beautiful condition!

So do you share my love of anything vintage?


Unknown said...

"Where did you get that purse, a Brady Bunch convention?!"

I have always appreciated your love of vintage. I'm glad it's so much more refined than it was in 8th grade, ha ha. I've never seen those coats or that purse before. Very nice!

Amanda said...

heheheh thanks, I think I was born in the wrong century or something....and actually, somewhere at my parents house is that purse from 8th grade, I've got issues!

Mrs. Mootz said...

Tea cups! I LOVE old tea cups. I also really like the old pink pyrex.