Friday, February 12, 2010

Before and After

Major house projects in the before and after format. Trust me, there is a lot more to come this summer!

Align CenterDeck probably hadn't been stained in 3 years or more. We did the "deck cleaner" treatment first and honestly, it did NOTHING and then we moved onto power washing which removed all of that grey mess and made the wood look brand new. The staining process was a long one but boy does it look better now!

I still want to get new cabinet doors and a counter for the kitchen, possibly a new floor at some point but the blue is an improvement from the apple wallpaper (might be hard to see), which under that was pink, under that was owls and under that neon yellow! Yes this house was built in the 70's, its not my fault people had horrible taste back then!

The living room really wasn't horrible, just painted the walls and obviously put furniture in the room. Still need window treatments and a cushion for the window seat! The color of this room is my favorite, sort of a muted sage green from the Heritage collection from Valspar at Lowes. Apparently all of the colors are inspired by historical homes.

This was the backyard overhaul. We tore down the crummy shed (didn't really need it anyways) and then had to install drainage in the backyard to prevent the basement flooding. There are "tiles" that go through the back yard, along the side of the garage and next to the kitchen to catch the rain. You can't even tell where the yard was dug up now!


Unknown said...

Mmm... neon yellow with owls. That reminds me a lot of our old rental place... mushrooms and butterflies complete with matching shag carpet (and leopard print in the master bedroom). Nice!

It looks great!

Amanda said...

Oh I remember that house well, wasn't it the bathroom that had mushroom wallpaper? The only time I was there was on our first "date" to see Prince of Egypt!

Melissa B. said...

love, Love, LOVE these Before and After snaps! I can say one thing for that deck. By virtue of it being a snow-free zone, it's already 100% nicer than mine!