Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lack of motivation

I've been a bad blogger this week....nothing from writers workshop got me very excited today so I decided to skip this here is a little recap of things that have been going on....

I've gotten back into my workout routine - Jillian Michaels is still and always will be evil. My legs hurt today and the first day back it was my shoulders. I know in the end it will be worth it though since I've struggled with this weight for a good year now.

I've been better with my diet (except yesterday I needed chocolate several times, if ya know what I mean).

Big project starts at work tomorrow and goes till the end of next week. This means long days and some out of town travel so don't expect anything too thrilling from me till I get a little rest.

I plan to start weeding out my big flower bed tonight - its going to be bad because I've let it go for several weeks. I need to get it under control so we can put mulch down. I hope I don't pull any muscles or end up throwing my garden tools across the yard and walking away...literally I feel it looks like this:

Maybe I need a machete and a brush hog to get through it....or a flame thrower I'm not quite sure!

Its supposed to rain all weekend here in lovely Ohio, which means I won't be able to do much outside. But I'm designing some advertising material for Andrew's mothers day lilies that she sells so that should be fun!

So sorry for my lack of exciting blog topics but I promise I'll have some soon!


Stephanie said...

good job on the workouts! :) keep it up!

paige said...

Well, sometimes we just need a break from blogging for life! Good luck with the flower garden.