Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

So I realized that I didn't do a weekend re-cap last week, which is probably okay because I don't think many people read them anyways. But I will write it one last time and see!

Friday: I had a pretty crummy week, with some great moments mixed in but I didn't feel like doing much once Friday rolled around. We stayed in for dinner, and ran to Target so I could return some stuff.

Saturday: I was up early making pancakes and getting ready to go Amish Country with Andrews mom. We had been trying to go for a good two months but the weather or other things always prevented us from going. Andrews parents arrived around 8 and we were on the road by 8:30. We went to Millersburg, Charm, Berlin and Walnut Creek. I got a bunch of food at the bulk food store: cornmeal, barley, rice, raisins, lots of spices for next to nothing, cookie cutters, animal crackers, popcorn and yeast. We also went to an organic food store where I bought some rice mixes and organic face cleanser. Driving around was probably the most fun, see all of the buggies and kids, pretty farms and just a totally different way of life that I can never imagine.

Sunday: We went to Lowes and got some things for the yard. I have some flocks in a flower bed out front and wanted to get more so they would fill in around our gas meter. We mulched around the trees and a few flower beds and tried a new dandelion killer (yes, I know this probably sounds really exciting). I made manacoti for dinner and now we're just relaxing.

On the agenda for this week: Well, not much really, just work and getting things ready for the garage sale that will be going on in a few weeks!


paige said...

I've always wanted to visit the Amish farms. There was a school trip when I was in the sixth grade but for some reason I didn't go.

Unknown said...

Don't worry, I plan on having my baby this week, so you'll have at least one thing to do: visit me! Ha ha.

Amanda said...

YES!!! Just don't have your baby on Friday - I'm going to a jk I can still come see you on Saturday if you do! Hope that you're feeling better!

Jessica said...

I'm glad that you got to get out and about this weekend. Lately it seems to be PERFECT during the week and then POUR on the weekends...just great!

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness - I am jealous that you have a yard and can plant pretty things in it. I have a bunch of plants on the porch at my apartment,but I cannot wait to have a real garden! Happy planting :)