Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapters of My life

When I saw this prompt for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop I was happy because I would love to write a book about my life (although its not that exciting I think it would be worth reading - well not that I'm vain or anything). I know that 5 chapters might not seem long enough for a book but I don't really feel that my entire life is worth writing about plus I can't remember anything before about age 4 anyway!

After I looked at what I had written below I chose to write on Chapter 4 and create 5 beginning and ending sentences for that chapter.

Chapter 1: The Wonder Years (early childhood)

Chapter 2: Boy Crazy (12 to 22)

Chapter 3: 13 years of Hassle for a Tassel (High School graduation)

Chapter 4: Out on my own (The first 4 years of college)

Chapter 5: A New Beginning (Moving back home, struggles with school, meeting the love of my life).

Chapter 4: Out on my own

Beginning Sentences

  1. Freshly 18 when I graduated high school, I was anxious to start my college life away from the grasp of my family and finally able to make decisions on my own.
  2. The day of move-in was hot and humid; my dad didn't get to come and help me so my mom, myself and my grandparents took the 30 minute trip to college to get me settled.
  3. I woke that morning wondering what this new life would be like, praying that I'd like my roommate and that I would make friends easily.
  4. Everyone told me that these would be the years of my life I would remember the most but little did I know they were both right and wrong; there was so much I'd later want to forget.
  5. The summer before college flew by and slowly I began to see how much my life was going to change over the course of the next four years.
Let me just say this before I list out my ending sentences - my college experience was quite a journey and its still not over. I had the worst roommate imaginable, we didn't get along at all and she totally LIED on her housing application about EVERYTHING. She introduced me to my college boyfriend (who at first was amazing then turned out to be a bad influence on me as well as emotionally abusive) and I am happy that I'll probably never see her again. I made a lot of bad choices during this time in my life, I neglected friendships from my childhood, partied too much, didn't care about school and let a lot of people down (mostly my parents but also myself). I didn't graduate with my class and I became extremely depressed the last year I lived at school. When I came back home to live with my parents it was hard to get used to someone being able to control my life.

Ending Sentences

  1. Packing up my apartment to go back home was both sad and happy; I wanted to take the good with me and leave the bad in those halls and rooms.
  2. Four years had gone by but I was still so far behind everyone my age and suddenly I knew that I needed to make a change.
  3. I never wanted to admit that my parents were right in having me come home, but looking back it was good to remove me from my toxic environment.
  4. I felt so alone as I looked around my small and empty room; I had come there with promise and I was leaving with a feeling of defeat.
  5. Looking back on the roller coaster that was the years 2003 to 2007 I wondered where would I be 4 years from now?
Which of those beginning and ending sentences do you think work best (I guess just based on what little some of you might know about me)?

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Mama Wheaton said...

I would choose both number 4's. I think they saw a lot.

Jenners said...

Love the line "Hassle for a Tassel". Ain't that the truth!

And it sounds like you got a lot of material to write about in your college years ... those are the years that really show you what you are made of and appreciate your parents more I think.

Hope you have many more chapters!

Visiting from Mama Kats...

Tina L. Hook said...

I think they all work together. Sounds like you have a story to tell.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

PS I read your post below and I have cohabitated in my single days. For whatever it is worth, the man that proposed to me within 12 months of meeting was the one I never lived with. I think keeping the mystery alive probably speeds things up a bit and keeps everyone on their toes.

KatBouska said...

The worst is when you hassle for a tassel and then end up being a stay at home mom and realize it was all for nothing! But this isn't about me. :) Loved all your chapters!!