Monday, May 17, 2010

On turning 25

For some reason this birthday has had an affect on me, one unlike any other before. I thought 18 was dumb to get excited about, I mean really it didn't mean much. 21 was cool, although I started drinking at 18 so all this really meant was I could now buy alcohol and not get X's drawn on my hands when I went to a club.

As I've gone through the first half of my twenties I've seen many friends get married, have babies, go through marital problems, move out, move back home, loose jobs and many other things. Many of these events are things I have yet to experience. I'm not married, I don't have kids, I moved out of my parents house (finally) and don't intend on living there again unless heaven forbid something terrible would happen. I feel a little behind as far as the marriage thing is concerned, but at the same time I know that when it does happen it will be right for me. My fantastic fall farm wedding which I have planned to the very tiniest detail in my head will be amazing - but more on that later! I'm not even engaged yet!

I guess 25 feels weird because I'm not on the same page as my friends - I'm just now getting around to completing my bachelors degree, I haven't started my "career" and I don't have a nice new car or anything worth half a crap. Yes, I am totally happy with my life but I'm feeling a little lost. Maybe this is the start of my quarter life crisis.

Then I think about my mom, at this age, she was about to give birth to me and had been married for 4 years - I'm kinda glad that is not me. But for the sake of conversation I think I show my age by liking to shop at Lowes instead of the mall, eating at home more than I eat out, driving a sensible car, cleaning a lot more and working a 9-5 job (well for the next 2 weeks at least).

So what birthday has been the most life changing for you, if any? I won't be 25 till the 30th but I've been thinking about all this since the beginning of May!


Amanda said...

I'm in my mid-30s and still feel lost at times. It's about being thankful for what you have at the moment and, sometimes, what you don't have. You've got a great head on your shoulders and my advice to you (which you didn't ask for): stay young!! You have your whole life to acquire stuff and status but you only live your 20s once.

Stephanie said...

I agree. I'm turning 25 this year and don't have a degree at all. That is where I'm getting kind of anxious... I really want to go back to school but kinda dread all the work and time it will take. But if I don't do it, I never will right? I just don't know! So I feel your pain! :) lol

mypixieblog said...

Couldn't agree more with Suzie Que :) She's absolutely correct. I am now 31 years ago and I COMPLETELY freaked out when I turned 30. Because all of my friends were married, or having children, living in houses... and I just felt far behind them. I've stopped measuring my worth by what everyone else is doing because I realized that the grass is not always greener. Sometimes we spend such a large portion of our lives worrying about what we could have/where we should be, and we miss the things that are right under our noses.

Unknown said...

I've noticed that some of us have some of the things we're "supposed" to have and some of us have others. I'm married with two kids, but I live with my parents and don't have a real job (obviously, or I wouldn't live in my parents' basement). You, on the other hand, have a real job and a house of your own. Here's hoping we'll all get the things we want eventually and enjoy the ride on the way!

jennifermariefrederick said...

I can really relate to your post! I feel "lost" sometimes, and especially lately. I am working as a receptionist, and it's just not "me". But I don't really know what I would rather do. All the things I love (like sewing or baking)are hobbies and not anything I could really do as a job.

And don't feel behind because you aren't married.. most of my friends are mid-twenties and aren't in a relationship, let alone married. I think you are way ahead of the game with an awesome committed relationship and your own house!! :)