Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Ultimate Honey-Do List

So I didn't do Writers Workshop last week because I was in a blog funk but when I saw the prompts for this week I knew I needed to participate. I'm not married yet but I could give Andrew a really good Honey-Do list if I had the chance so this one is my ultimate:

  1. Finish the entire lower level of the house - drywall, installing the bathroom, painting, tile and carpet, moving the laundry room up from the basement. (We are working on this but its like the never ending project)
  2. Clean the floors in the basement and repaint the walls.
  3. If asking someone to not leave 15 dirty coffee cups in the garage for 2 weeks can be on a honey-do list then that is my number three!
  4. Put up the motion lights that we bought last summer.
  5. Finish painting the trim on the house.
  6. Build me a dark room in the basement and supply all of the needed darkroom items.
  7. Fence in part of the yard so that I can get another dog.
  8. Reface the cabinets in the kitchen, install new countertops and finally get me a garbage disposal.
  9. Fix the speakers in the Impala that only work randomly.
  10. Sell that gross van that you just bought.
I know that a lot of my honey-do list probably only makes sense to me because it involves all of these crazy projects that need done/I want done around our house. And a lot of the things on my list like the darkroom and most likely getting another dog probably will never happen unless of course pigs fly, cause then you know anything is possible.

What would be on your ultimate honey-do list?
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Jenners said...

Visiting from Mama Kats...

I'm loving these honey do lists ... they are all kind of scary and abmitious. I guess that is why they don't get done! But jeez ... cleaning up 15 coffee cups (or not leaving them there in the first place) sounds easy peasy.

Jessica said...

"Put up the motion lights we bought last summer." <-- Totally sounds like me! Procrastination at its best!