Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

My head is still spinning from this weekend, the house is so quiet right now I think I could fall asleep. Though the weekend was a lot of fun I feel like we were going non-stop.

Friday night I attempted to make ham and bean soup, but the beans NEVER cooked, I soaked them over night, cooked them for 6 hours in the crockpot and they were still hard. I guess the lesson learned here is that mix I bought in Amish Country was old and as beans get older, they get harder and become impossible to cook. So we headed out with my brother and his girlfriend later in the night and had some pizza (yeah, we aren't supposed to eat that) and I paid for it with terrible heartburn.

Saturday I was up early cleaning the house and getting ready for my dad's birthday dinner at our house. Andrew's brother, wife and baby dropped by in the midst of all this so the afternoon took a turn for the chaotic and frantic. I felt so rushed trying to get everything done and ended up thinking I wouldn't have enough food. In the end, there were lots of leftovers. The party was great though. I made cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes, we had ice cream cake too and I think my dad had a nice time.

Sunday was the Halloween Party at Andrew's parents house and we had a nice time there as well. There were more people there last year but we still had fun seeing the costumes everyone came up with.

Andrew and I were the "true residents" of our town, everyone makes fun of us because we live in the country. Yes, my hair is crimped.

Andrews brother and his wife were the painting "American Gothic" I thought they looked great!

Andrews sister (left) was my favorite, she dressed up like a biker dude. I loved her tattoo sleeve and mustache. Andrew's mom was an old lady.

This week I've got lots of homework to catch up on and lots to do for my internship. I cannot believe its the first of November already. I have 21 days of school left!!!!! This year is going by way too fast!


paige said...

I LOVE all your costumes! American Gothic = awesome. :)

Unknown said...

Amazing. I liked the American Gothic, too, but yours was my favorite!