Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking back and moving forward

2010 was quite a year. Big events that occurred:
~My dad finally got a job after 15 months of unemployment
~ I got my BA in Public Relations!
~Went camping for the first time in July at Salt Fork State Park and had a lot of fun
~Andrew sold the motorcycle and bought a creeper van
~I met the most inspirational and amazing women through my internship. They have touched my life in ways I can never explain
~Went on two fishing trips to Northern Indiana and never caught a single fish
~I learned how to make applesauce and can/freeze veggies
~We had our first big party at the house for Memorial Day/my 25th birthday
~I tried and failed at becoming a vegetarian but did make a good attempt to eat healthier foods

This year has been great but I'm really looking forward to 2011. I hope that this year I will:
~Get a job I love
~Maybe get engaged
~Celebrate 3 years with Andrew
~Save money and start paying off my student loans (maybe that's an oxymoron)
~Get a lot done in the house
~Spend plenty of time with family and friends
~Continue to do volunteer work through my former internship and meet more amazing people.

So what was the best part of 2010 for you and why are you looking forward to a new year?

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Jessica said...

An oxymoron it is!

Just as I was saying on my blog comment from just a minute ago - I definitely hope to have a job by the time I start facing these. I shiver at the thought!