Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I like about you

I have a really weird thing I love about my boyfriend - his ability to grow an AWESOME beard! This is last winters beard and yes, in real life it looks just as full and crazy! He looks totally different when he doesn't have a beard but in a way I look forward to this side of him.

See he only grows this beard in the winter, you know to keep his face warm since apparently we live in a igloo or something. He usually starts around Thanksgiving and its normally shaved off as soon as spring starts to show its face. Sometimes I wish he would keep the beard year round but really who has something like that on their face in the summer?!?!

He jokes every year that he's going to get it going really long, maybe down to his chest so he can stroke it or braid it. Although I think that would be funny for a minute I don't really want to date someone who looks like they are in ZZ Top ;)

So my boyfriends odd talent might seem odd to you, but you have to admit - the beard plays!

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Lorna said...

How about a Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean beard? That might be hotter than the ZZ Top look.

Anonymous said...

Heehee I was think of the Kesha song as I read this! (I like your beard) My hubs rocks a goatee year round and I have never in 15 years seen his fave bare.

Anonymous said...

My son in law keeps his beard year round. He shaved it off and my daughter told him to grow it back so he did.

mypixieblog said...

I dig the beard, but I hear you: I wouldn't want to date an extra for ZZ Top either :p LOL!! Great post :)