Friday, February 11, 2011

Another life change

So on Monday I'm starting my new job. Its not exactly a fancy PR or Marketing job, but I'll be getting my foot in the door at one of the best places to work in Central Ohio. The job is entry level and the pay isn't much more than my previous job - but I think it will be an AMAZING opportunity.

In the 6-8 months I've been job searching I've only had three interviews, two of which were for the job I got. I thought the economy was improving but I guess I was wrong. Although I've enjoyed the free time I've had since school ended before Thanksgiving - I'm going insane. Yes, cooking fun meals, baking and spending time with friends has been great. Being broke, the only person who is home all day and starting to get cabin fever is not very glamorous.

I've spent a better part of today cleaning the house, getting everything organized for my transition back into the working world. I cannot concentrate at work when I know my house is messy (dear Lord, I'm becoming my mother) and I need my full concentration during my 7 days of training. So now my house is pretty well cleaned, my job clothes are ironed (don't make fun of me, I do iron my dress clothes) and I'm doing everything in my power to relax this weekend.

My nerves are a wreck right now, I've always been anxious when starting a new job but I'm hoping come the end of next week I'll feel much better.


Unknown said...

You'll do great and I'm sure your house looks wonderful!

The Constant Complainer said...

I'm a little behind on reading posts, so I'm just seeing this. Good luck. And as an HR Guy, I'll tell you that sometimes it's ok to take a step back for the right opportunity.