Monday, April 4, 2011

An update in photos

Who doesn't love a cute picture of a dog as the beginning of an update post?! Things have been a little crazy lately with work and things going on around here. The job is starting to get better as I keep adjusting but this week my hours are nuts and I have to work the weekend.

Saturday was the gala for my volunteer work and I love an opportunity to get all dressed up! I had worked so hard helping plan this event and it was so much fun! We had great music, food and drinks and managed to raise close to $30,000.

We also got a "new" boat a few weekends ago. Its pretty ugly late 70's brown, but its a good bit bigger than our old boat and has a faster motor. We took it out for the first time yesterday, and although it was a little bit cold it was nice to get out and do something fun together.

On the agenda soon: starting on my flower beds and veggie garden, keeping my up on my house work better than I've been doing, finish reading the two books that I've started and take a little time out for me :)

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Lavania said...

just another simple yet perky day.
have fun.