Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in my life

Things have been crazy since I last posted, I feel like I'm always making excuses about this blog and not keeping up on it....so from now I'm just going to post when I have the time. I'm not going to stress out about posting once a week or whatever....right now my life needs my focus I guess.

I just spent the last two weeks training a new person at work, which was super insane and difficult for me. Even though I don't love my job, I'm very OCD about how it gets done and its hard for me relinquish my control to someone else. Watching the new gal struggle and figure things out was really making me crazy and I was so mentally exhausted every night. I didn't work out much in those two weeks, which made me more tired and moody and gain back a pound or two that I lost. I figure this whole month might be a wash with the holidays and all. I'm back to working every other weekend and I'm working Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Only benefit to that is the holiday pay and the fact that I have three paychecks this month!

Andrew finished painting the "lower room" on Sunday night and it looks so pretty, a nice grey blue shade that we both love. All of the recessed lights are installed and they are measuring for carpet on Saturday afternoon. It should be installed after the new year and my brother will do all the trim and finish work. I cannot thank Andrew enough for all the time he has put into the house and all the hard work he's done, all that drywall, insulating, light installation has been a ton of work for him on top of his 40 hour work week. He's pretty awesome and sometimes I just need to step back and realize that for a moment.

Christmas is fast approaching and we've only bought one gift so far due to a lack of money. I'm hoping to get a ton of shopping done this weekend between working Friday-Monday (thankfully I'm only here till 3:30 all those days). I'm hosting Andrew's family Christmas on the 26th and I've been trying to decorate and clean like crazy. Having four days off in a row just didn't seem like enough, but it was nice to come back to work and feel mentally stable for once.

I'm hoping that soon things will calm down a little, but for now I'm going to focus on me a little and I'll try to check in here when I can.


Unknown said...

You know, if you ever want to child-test that lovely house you and Andrew have put together, I will gladly loan you some children for a week!

Ha ha, hope you're doing well. Be happy! I miss you!!

Marcheline said...

It's my birthday! Party at my blog!