Thursday, April 5, 2012

scary facts about myself - thanks astrology!

I've been at my new job now for just 8 days and I've already found out tons about my co-workers.  The owner of the company is very into holistic stuff, astrology, open to people of all walks of life and religions and likes to have a diverse workforce.
The first week I was working there, we had a retreat where my boss offered to do our astrological charts if we could tell her our place and time of birth.  Oddly enough I know those facts off the top of my head and passed them along.

Boy was that chart SCARY and dead on about my life....if you know me at all you'll know how true some of the following facts are about me:
  1. I am afraid to not be in a relationship and value the thought of marriage and a partner who gives me my alone time.  I don't take time for myself in between relationships and very early into a new one, fall madly in love (if you know me at all, this rings so true) and feel incomplete when the relationship ends.  It also takes me a long time to get over a past relationship.
  2. I am very expressive, talk with my hands and can converse with people of all walks of life.
  3. I am possessive of my friends and loved ones.
  4. I need puzzles or word searches to occupy my mind and hands (it is so hard for me to sit still in the evening, which is why I started Sudoku and loom knitting).
  5. Because I am a sun Gemini, I have a strong sense of creativity.
  6. I am not prepared for conflict and avoid "rocking the boat."
  7. I hate pretenses.
  8. I replace love with food and shopping.
  9. I attract intense relationships with a love/hate theme.
  10. I take great pleasure in the home life and my hobbies will include baking, sewing, cooking and collecting.
I've never really been one to believe all of this astrology stuff, but this was just far too interesting to not talk about.  I also read up on the meaning of "Amanda" and apprently deep down I have a strong need to be a mother and most people grow to love me or instantly love me from the moment we meet.

Has anyone else had a birth chart done or had someone discover things about you that no one else would know?

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Rachel said...

I haven't researched anything about my astrology. But I'd be curious to know! :)